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Today’s message is worth saving in a safe place. Jesus spoke of His word yielding 30-60-100 fold return.  Heaven trembles with excitement at Dad’s announcement that there is A NEW 60 FOLD IN THE FAMILY.

We understand that a “30 fold” christian is one who is “coming towards Jesus”, yet still reserves the right to “turn away”, or “turn it off”.  As long as they are coming towards their Father, he will continue to provide the tests that will lead to higher levels of maturity.  The “tests” that Dad sends your way are CUSTOM, designed only for you, and only for the “here and now”.

Finally the big day arrives.  According to your “teacher”, who is administering the “battery of tests”, He decides YOU PASS!!!  You get to “step up”, let’s say, from a “59 fold” to A 60 FOLD CHRISTIAN.  Woo hoo…

That previous “woo hoo” was the understatement of the CENTURY.

When that day is announced, by Dad in His Heaven, there is A PARTY IN HEAVEN like there is no tomorrow.  THIS IS IT!!  THIS is what they celebrate in heaven.

Jesus said that He would be “going away”, but that His faithful son Michael would “will receive from me what he will deliver it to you”.

For the past few days (here) we have been discussing the fact that Jesus became an immortal man.  The key component of that process is the loss of NO male seed.  Neither man, nor animal, nor time can kill an immortal.  The only way they can die is 1. lose their seed 2. volunteer (“no man takes my life, I lay it down“) to have a hole poked in their skin and DRAIN THE BLOOD OUT (the life is in the blood).

The day Jesus died, His male body parts were chock full of His seeds, from His physical body, each one an exact duplicate of the originator.  Those seeds “experienced” the soul wrenching pain of the day.  Those same seeds were with Him when He rose from the dead, and also when He was taken up to Heaven, 40 days later.

“the Spirit will receive from me what he will deliver to you” John 16:14

you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable” 1 Peter 1:23

The day you “graduate” to the MIGHTY RANK of “60 FOLD CHRISTIAN”, the celebration party LEAVES heaven and comes down to earth to find you and to deliver the ultimate PRIZE OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE.

The celebration party is coming to implant, into your soul-body structure, a physical seed from the body of The Lord Jesus Christ.

The placement of this seed was well prepared before planting – the tests and trials Dad has been tossing at you were “loosening the soil” of your heart towards Him.  This is the true “born again” experience.

That seed is intended to grow into the full stature of it’s Father, until one day it finally becomes fully mature and graduates into the ranks of the 100 Fold Christians – the ones who “follow the Lamb where ever He leads”…

Nurturing my copy the best I know how

Russ Dibird