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About Russell Dibird

Dibird Speaks

Born in Kansas City Missouri – a proud citizen of the SHOW ME state.

A swift kick in the realities of life, yielded a healthy dose of skepticism towards “the system”. A pattern of independent thinking, from a very young age, has only accelerated and multiplied, in adulthood.

Proclaiming that the God of the Bible is a LOVING Father, which means that the BURNING PEOPLE ETERNALLY IN HELL story is a FAIRY TALE – purely the invention of MAN!!!  Since meeting David McLeod in 1993 I have been learning about a different way to look at and understand the Bible and the God revealed therein. Since that very first day, I have been endeavoring on a journey of rooting out these man-made myths from my understanding of our Father in Heaven.

Then I discovered that the earth is Flat in 2017. This awakening spawned me founding The Flat Earth Media Group – FEMG in 2018. Thus opening a whole brand new set of amazingly awake, deep, immediate friends, partners and associates.  Birds of a feather form new lifelong friendships, naturally. Welcoming you to lend your voice to this amazing tsunami of wonderful people:

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Here is my my basic, foundational Christian understandings.  Here is my Policy Statement.

I am currently available for interviews or debates – here is an overview.

Feel free to contact me here.

Russell Dibird
San Diego California


Always On The Prowl For Truth