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THE PROPHECY CHALLENGE Regarding The Return of Jesus Christ IS ON NOW!!!

Why? Because

the testimony of Jesus is the
spirit of prophecy
  “Rev 19:10

This website challenges any thinking person to FULLY EVALUATE the undeniable evidence and totally freeing truth of the


No matter what you call it, you will be shocked and amazed when you see the harmony of ALL SCRIPTURE VERSES! For once you will see a version of “end times” that does not take a handful of “inconvenient” verses and stretch them to the point of breaking ALL CREDIBILITY!!! This version of the end-times scenario is in full harmony with EVERY VERSE in the New and Old Testament. Articles written in the 1800’s are included below to show that while not a new version of end-times prophecies, it certainly did not win the popularity contest:


Pre Tribulation Rapture Theory – 1/2 TRUTH

Post Tribulation Rapture Theory – EXPOSED

Mid Tribulation Rapture Theory – CHALLENGED

A-Tribulation Rapture Theory – SILENCED!!!

Preterest/Preterist No Rapture Theory – HUMILIATED!!!

Read these booklets – with an OPEN mind, and you too will be SET FREE from the RED ALERT mentality of the pre-tribbers that threatens them with Jesus’ return “any minute now”. This “story”, when woven all together, here a little, there a little, will free you from hopelessness regarding the future. If you seriously engage these articles into your mind and your life, you will be prepared for what lies ahead. Herein you will be given specific and key instruction on what you can do to prepare NOW.


Bring Your Bible, Let’s Talk…

Rapture Or Rupture?

Pre-Tribulation Rapture Danger!!  The 2nd Most Destructive Doctrine in Christendom

What Happens If You Miss Being Taken In The First Rapture?

Who Are the 144000 Spoken of In Revelation 14?

The 144000 And OT FirstFruits And The 10 Fold Yield Are All The Same People

ONLY Pick The Ripe Ones – Would He come to pick fruit that is not yet ripe?

The Mansion You Are Building – Or will yours be a leaky, bare shack?

How Long Is The Great Tribulation Scheduled To Last?

Can We Know The Day And Hour? – What’s the use of watching if we’ll never know?

NISAN 10 (Approximately 4 days before Passover) – Rapture of FirstFruits & Beginning of Great Tribulation?

Servants Waiting For Their Masters Return

The Coming of The Thief In The Night


The Abomination That Makes Desolate

The Four Riders

WHAT IS BABYLON? Are we living in Babylon or is Babylon living in us?

Your Laodicean Church

Revelation 11 – Who Are The 2 Witnesses? WARNING!!! MAJOR CURVEBALL AHEAD!!!

1905 Writer Saw Pattern of Firstfruits In Book

1860’s Author Writes About The Two-Stage Rapture

The 3-Phased Return of Jesus – Three chapter booklet – One of my favs of all time!!

The Day After (Christ Calls) – Novel format, but UNLIKE “Left Behind” because it’s biblical!!!!  Six chapter booklet.