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The best way I can think of to “predict the future” would be to go there, and then come back.

Now that I realize that time travel is REAL, many thoughts are being rearranged in my little noggin…

Yesterday we discovered exactly how the Trump’s have gotten a hold of Nikola Tesla’s time travel device, and used it to arrange, and then correctly predict the future. Two books written in the 1890’s, depicting their family, and his presidency, dead-on accurately today, EXACTLY 120 years in advance (1896 to 2016).

The world seems to be devolving into a pure fantasy, right before our very eyes.

In 1982, a man named Steve Jackson began distributing the cards in the Illuminati card game set. Through the 80s and 90s, more cards were added to the game. They reminds me of Tarot cards.

The ‘Illuminati: The Game of Conspiracy’ lets players compete towards world domination. The game looks like just any other ordinary role playing game, except for the ADDED BONUS of ACCURATELY PREDICTING future trends and world events. The game was published in 1995.

It accurately predicted events like: The 9/11 attack on Trade Center and Pentagon (that actually changed the world order). Fukashima, the deadliest tsunami of Japan (tidal wave card). The rise of ISIS and Jihad. The death of princess Diana (2 years in advance). A deadly oil spill (BP 2010) causing damage to the wildlife. The Obama Presidency. Saddam Hussein. Paris bombing. The Boston Marathon bombing. Mass shootings. Las Vegas shooting including initials and tatoos of and on the performer that night.

That is just a small sample of the accurate predictions. There are over 100 of them. Including Donald Trump – on two cards. Here is a nice set of 10+ video’s that covers many of the cards in detail, with analysis.

At this point, we are looking at the cards that have not been fulfilled yet, and wonder when will that one happen?

The pieces finally came together in my mind, to understand that the demons running our world, indeed stole Nikola Tesla’s time travel device – his passion. They learned how to use it, and are now actively controlling our minds with it, by keeping us in a state of shock and hypnosis with these events.

This is slammin’ in your face, SPELL CASTING and SIGNAL MAGIC. When we see things in our world that are not congruent, that don’t make sense, it becomes a form of hypnosis. Like watching the twin towers turn to dust. Our minds were screaming “THAT CAN’T HAPPEN”, but our eyes were telling a different story. You are paralyzed and hypnotized at that moment.

Then the New World Order crowd does it over and over again to us, until our whole world seems to be a only a fantasy.

Tomorrow we will see a 3rd SLAM DUNK evidence of time travel, hidden in plain site. A set of 4 movies from the 1980’s spanning 30 years to 2015. What’s your guess?

Russell Dibird