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Google Chrome’s logo is a representation of the flat earth, surrounded by Lucifer’s 666.

One of Lucifer’s titles is “Prince of the Power of the Air” (Eph 2:2).

It’s not hard to see.

Blue in the middle = Water and sky are blue.

White circle = 200 foot tall ice wall. (to hold the water level).

Then what are those 3, multi-colored swooshes around the white ball…?

They are a representation of 6 6 6.

It becomes OBVIOUS that gewgl is MOCKING flat earther’s, and Christians, with their SYMBOLIC logo..?

They know that we process content – words – with our right brain – very slowly and methodically.

And that we process symbols with our left brain – IMMEDIATELY. Instantly.

We need to comprehend and understand our being, beyond symbols, which can be used as tools of deception.

We need to learn how to “see with our heart”.

Your spirit is the real you. Your spirit is the offspring of it’s parent – Jesus Christ. This is the best place to start to explore and learn who you really are.

Russell Dibird