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The Meaning of Life in Three (3)+ Bible Verses:

John 4:24 – God IS SPIRIT

John 3:6 – Flesh gives birth to flesh, and Spirit gives birth to Spirit.

So if God is a Spirit, and He wanted to reproduce Himself, how would He do it? He would give birth to (beget) a new Spirit being. As a craftsman, He engineered (DESIGNED/MADE/CREATED) the first human bodies, knowing that this was His CREATION and it would self replicate – Flesh begets Flesh. Spirit, on the other hand, is NEVER MADE!! Life begets life. The real you, the spirit inside you, was GIVEN BIRTH.

Nicene Creed – At one time, Jesus did not exist. Only His Father – a Spirit being!! Until, in fullness of time, Jesus was begotten/born as a new Spirit out from His Father. Literally a Father and a Son/offspring.

Gen 1: 26 – Let Us Make Man In Our Image = Jesus and His Father declaring that Jesus, as a Spirit, had matured to the point where He (Jesus) was about to embark upon parenthood and begin having His own offspring, with the help of His Father in full cooperation (as a Grandfather as we would call it). Jesus then proceeded, over eons of time, to give birth to His “family” – billions of Spirits that were each one gestated and gawked over and loved with all His might for unknown periods of time each.

ONE of those Spirits He gave birth to is the spirit that is burning inside your chest right now at 98.6 degrees.

HEAVENLY TEAMS: Patterns of 4 Patriarchs in Genesis – the layout of the heavenly family – WHO GAVE BIRTH TO WHO:

FLESH PATTERN: Abraham > Isaac > Esau + Jacob
SPIRIT REALITY: Melchizedek > Jesus > Lucifer + Michael

Abraham = Melchizedek FATHERED Jesus
Isaac = Jesus. Who FATHERED TWINS the first time around:
TWIN #1 = Esau = Lucifer who’s TITLE is THE DEVIL (1/3 of the Fathers’ spirits followed him, INCLUDING YOU AND I AND ALL PEOPLE).
TWIN #2 = Jacob = Michael who’s TITLE is THE HOLY SPIRIT (The HOLIEST OF ALL US BROTHERS who remained faithful to the common father we all share – Jesus.)

DEFINITIONS: THE Holy Spirit is a TITLE for Micheal – Jesus’ oldest, faithful son. On the other hand, we are to be FILLED with a “the holy spirit” or A SPIRIT OF HOLINESS – an ATTITUDE!!!!! A change of heart.

THE TRINITY = Father has son. Son grows up to become a father, by having a son. You have three independent beings, all “on the same team”. “Singing from the same songbook”. I remember the TV show Bonanza. Imagine Little Joe having a son who turns 20. Now you have a “trinity” in that household – Grandpa, Dad and Son.

We all know Jesus as “The Son of God”, but when does He get to grow up and become a father too..? As soon as you realize that He did become a Father – when He gave birth to your spirit, the real you inside who has been around for a long time, learning lessons, with many more to learn… But no rush, He has all the time in the world – no rush for Him..

It is us that needs to be in more of a rush – to AVOID THE PAIN OF LIVING AN IMMATURE LIFE, going against the precepts for health and happiness that He wrote in His word and lived in the life He lived here on earth in a body of flesh.

He CREATED this domed, non-moving earth, as a home to “grow-up” or bring to maturity the Spirit babies that He gave birth to so long ago – us people. Jesus, the Father of all of us Spirits, squeezed His Spirit into one of these bodies to show us how it was to be done – live the perfect life. Whenever He referred to “Your Heavenly Father” – He was referring to Himself in the spirit-world, as the Father of your Spirit.

PAIN is the great teacher He gives us here on earth, to LEARN OUR LESSONS!! To learn how to STOP deceiving yourself, and STOP letting others deceive you about WHO YOU REALLY ARE – a growing, maturing, son of your Father, Jesus.

Once you acknowledge WHO YOU ARE in Him – you can begin to have the fruit (good works) of that decision PRESERVED for all time – into the ages to come. This is confusingly known as “being saved” (1 Cor 3:10-14)

Russell Dibird