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The moment I feel that tickle in my throat, the first sign of cold or flu coming, I awaken to the fact that I’m GOING TO WAR!!!

I recognize that there is an invading army that has gotten “a foot in the door” and that I must “call to arms” all of the parts of “my body” to prepare for battle.

I used to say at that moment “oh no, it’s my turn to be sick”. And it would then linger for a week, OR MORE.

Now I have a new policy.


I’m going to war against an invading army that knows no limits – they want all I have. I need to load up the “guns” of my body with the ammunition (BULLETS) it needs to fight this enemy. Along with the huge vitamin C dose, I also take take hourly a Vitamin D, selenium and zinc.

Without exception, the sickness bug either promptly LEAVES, or at least it does not get in very deep, and therefore only lasts a day or two.

If one of these nasty new weaponized cold bugs (lasts 30 days or more) has already gotten a hold of you, there is only one thing, that I know of, that can “kick it into remission”. I’m a broken record today: “massive amounts of Vitamin C”.

If you want an instant healing, go to a clinic that does “Vitamin C drip” or injection. But those usually cost well over $100.

The slower way is to go buy Ester Vitamin C (Ester takes the acid out so it will not upset your stomach), and start taking them like candy. 5000 to 10,000 per day, or more, will get you back in the saddle within a few days.

Find great prices on QUALITY vitamins and much more at Vitacost or Swansons.

Stay healthy, warriors!!

Russell Dibird