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The movie series ‘Back To The Future’ was a weapon used by elites to reveal to us their ability to time travel.

And to mock the inventor of the real time travel machine, Nikola Tesla.

In 2015 a 12 minute video made a HUGE STIR on and off the internet. It was called ‘Back To The Future Predicts 911’ (click to watch). This astonishing little video reveals how there was absolutely NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that the producer of the Back to the Future movies knew in advance, and in detail, about 911.

This is a series of 4 movies that SPANNED 30 YEARS. The movie “The Walk” was the answer to Marty, yelling to Doc, “you’ll find out in 30 years”. It came out in 2015, exactly 30 years, to the month, after the first release in 1985.

The video is so convincing and impossible to ignore, that practically every mainstream media outlet was forced to cover it, and spin the hell out it!! The UNDENIABLE FACT that they could not ignore:

Robert Zemeckis, KNEW ALL ABOUT 911 – 15 years before the event, and then bragged about it, 15 years AFTER the event.

Much has been written on the subject now of “how did Zemeckis know and reveal in great detail, about the twin towers being struck by middle eastern terrorists?”. It turns out that the truth is hiding in plain site. Someone time traveled forward to see and record the events.

The last two days (1, 2) we have discussed Nikola Tesla’s successful invention of a time travel device that he bragged about. When he died, his possessions were seized by the US Government – including his time machine.

The “government man” put in charge of Tesla’s estate was John Trump – Donald’s grandfather. Here we discussed how the Trump family has somehow gone BACK in time to write a series of books in the 1890’s, talking about them in unmistakable detail today – 120 years later. ‘Back to the Future Part 3’ was set in the old, wild west – mimicking the “Trump mystery”. And of course “Biff” leaves little doubt that the Trumps figured prominently in the series.

The film ‘Back to the Future’ appears to have been designed to show us clearly the capabilities that they now possess – to predict the PAST OR FUTURE, by actually visiting, and influencing it.

Another huge theme of this film is to mock Tesla, the inventor of the real time machine. Notice the form that the time machine took in the movies – a futuristic car (Delorean). Today, when most people hear the name “Tesla”, what do they think of? A futuristic car (Elon Musk).

When they pull this stuff over on us, it makes us feel small, weak and powerless against their superior magic. We recognize that we are up against a power far beyond our capabilities. We “time travel” in our minds and imaginations. When we see them doing it for real, we surrender our power to them and recognize them as our rightful leaders.

Time travel is one of the most mysterious, unbelievable and un-explainable things on earth, that I have ever heard about.

But knowledge breaks the trance we were born into.

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings. Proverb 25:2

I’m reluctantly feeling a bit more “kingly” now, after doing this research these last 3 days. However reminded of the old saying: ‘The more I learn, the more I glimpse how much I don’t know’…

Russell Dibird