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Old Testament Patriarchs reflected what had already happened above, in the spirit world.

We read that Abraham was the father of Isaac.

Isaac was the father of twins – Esau and Jacob – in that order.

That was the “flesh gives birth to flesh” part of Jesus’ words from John 3.6.

Now for the “spirit gives birth to spirit” part.

Melchizedek was the father of Jesus.

Jesus was the father of twins – Lucifer and Michael – in that order.

News flash. Those two brothers are still fighting each other.

Then Dad (Jesus) gave birth to BILLIONS of spirit babies – one of which is blazing at 98.6 degrees in your chest right this very moment.

We can assume, like any good parent, that His PURPOSE in birthing these children, was to GROW THEM UP. To raise them up to MATURITY.

Lucifer, we know the story, got one third of Dad’s kids to follow him.

Michael, the second born, stuck around to receive the blessing.

To us kids here on earth, Michael is the HOLIEST OF ALL US KIDS. He carries the title of “THE HOLY SPIRIT”, because he is the holiest of all the spirits that Dad gave birth to.

So what we have is extremely simple – Grandpa, Dad, and Son.  The  mind bending doctrine of the TRINITY was required to confuse this simple reality.

This is identical to the Flat Earth deception.  Take the original simplicity and bend it to their will by burying it under a mountain of words, then have the “authorities” authorize it.

Speaking of confusion… Have you noticed in the New Testament there is a capitalized Holy Spirit, and then a small case “holy spirit” that is supposed to be inside of us. The capitalized version is a TITLE FOR MICHAEL – the Holiest of us spirits – and Dad’s MOST TRUSTED SON, His “Right Hand”.

The “holy spirit” inside of you is YOUR SPIRIT OF HOLINESS.

Like team spirit. It’s an ATTITUDE. It is YOU wearing an attitude of willingness to grow up and start being responsible to Dad for this life He gave you, and this chance to grow up. This often includes stopping doing what we were doing, and start doing something new. Something different. Something good.

Chasing Away Confusion

Russ Dibird