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Our theologians and teachers tell us that there are only 2 types of people – SAVED and UNSAVED. Yet the Bible teaches us that there are really 3 flavors of people who are “coming towards” Jesus. But the inventions of man are so much easier for the people to swallow…

WHY did our Lord say that the SEED cast into good ground, brought forth:

“3O-6O-1OO-fold” ? ? ?

WHY is it that our clergy has had no rational explanation to offer – except to different yields here on earth! As if our Lord ever spoke of earthly matters – save to better elucidate the spiritual. But see now of WHAT:

“Listen! A farmer went out to sow his seed. Still other seed fell on good soil. It came up, grew and produced a crop, multiplying thirty, sixty, or even a hundred times. When he was alone, the Twelve and the others around him asked him about the parables. He told them, “The secret of the kingdom of God has been given to you. But to those on the outside everything is said in parables.” 
JESUS: Mark 4:3, 8 and 10-11.

First, let the reader observe that in the last quoted statement by our Lord – as above – He stressed A MYSTERY which existed in reference to the ‘Kingdom of God.’

Down thru the sweep of centuries, parrots have told us that some Christians DO some good works; others DO more good works; while others DO far greater good works. Even to, and in this day they proclaim still that THUS is evidenced the 30, 60, and 100-fold fruits brot forth by the good seed in fertile soil!

Tell me, now, those of you who THINK: how or wherein then, does “A MYSTERY” enter? Is it a ‘mystery’ that some are lazy; others are ambitious and some in-between? Is it “a MYSTERY of the Kingdom of God” that some do little while others more while still others MUCH ? In which case I should have to conclude that the ‘mystery’ remains in the fact of people being stupid enuf to parrot such nonsense. Rational people who THINK would be ashamed to pawn off such balderdash as being “a MYSTERY of the Kingdom of God”!

This simple Truth have I repeatedly stressed: THE FRUIT ARE REAPED WHERE THE SEED IS SOWN. By Mark 4:15 we are shown how THE HUMAN HEART is the soil which receives the good seed. THERE in the human heart it may be snatched away by Satan; It may be choked out by the stress and cares of this world, or it may be watered by the soul, watched over by the spirit and warmed by His love, until from the HUMAN HEART flourishes in abundance THE FRUITS of His Spirit: patience, goodness, kindness, mercy and LOVE; and whatsoever ennobles man and glorifies God. . . . Yet any or all of this still constitutes no mystery.

Tell me now: WHY is such blather peddled from the pulpits? In a multitude of instances (if not in ALL) it is but the ‘parroting’ of what they were taught in seminary, or in whatever the institution of their Bible learning. It is not that such persons are particularly ignorant; but THUS were they taught and thus they MUST teach. But WHY are they thus taught? It all reverts back to what you have been told time and again in PC literature: the earthly organizations known as our institutions of religious learning ARE THE WORKS OF LUCIFER not of God! Our lord forbade all such! But now to answer the WHY of such tommyrot from the pulpits: IF our churches were to PREACH THE TRUTH: setting forth in clear language this particular “MYSTERY of the Kingdom of God”, then they would lose their sex-appeal’: the “WAY” would lose its glamour and enticement unto the apathetic. The ‘lollypops and pink ice-cream’ enroute thru the lush haciendas of carnal living on the ‘way’ to a ‘golden heaven on a silver platter would all have to be kicked back into hell from whence sprung this DEATH-dealing twaddle:

“While men SLEPT, an enemy sowed the tares !” And again He excoriated our clergy’s predecessors: “WOE, unto you, Lawyers: for you have taken away t h e Key of Knowledge: you entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in YOU HINDERED !”Luke 11:52

This “Key of Knowledge” was set forth in the Mosaic Tabernacle and links with this selfsame “MYSTERY of the Kingdom of God” to which our Savior referred in His parable of the sower. But then as now, and HOW as then: ‘false prophets’, bribe-receiving priests and modernist preachers, must make ‘heaven’ like unto a ripe plum falling into the lap of sinners under ‘every green tree!’ I know no better words in which to frame it than as oft before “Lollypops and pink ice cream in either hand! A golden HEAVEN on a silver platter is yours for ‘believing ON the name of Jesus! How simple – for simpletons to swallow !”

The Lord Jesus Christ exemplified the FIRST Commandment: loving God FIRST and FOREMOST with all one’s strength and being. HE lived the life of an ‘OVERCOMER’. And He set Himself forth as being THE WAY. True, He also proclaimed Himself as the ‘DOOR’. THRU HIM we enter. IF we take but a few of His words to the exclusion of many others, then we become like unto Lucifer, the deceiver! The “way” is the path, which we travel: IT IS OUR MODE OF LIFE. Wherefore, when Christ proclaimed Himself as “THE WAY” – He meant that we must live as He lived.

HE is the ‘door’ or GATE OF ENTRANCE to that ‘way. But the individual’s zeal, faithfulness and strength upon the ‘way’ determines how far he gets. And at the end of the road the portal thru which he leaves ‘the Way’ here on earth is marked 30, 60, or 100 fold. The 30 and 60 are EARTH-based numbers and have nothing to do with ‘HEAVEN’! The 100-fold only can come into His presence.

HARK! Just hear that rising murmur in the crowd: see their turning and scattering: HOW FEW REMAIN! Why? It must be ‘lollypops and pink ice cream’! All for BELIEVING on the sound of a certain name! ‘Overcoming’? BANISH the word! On with the lollypops and pink ice cream. ‘Preacher Suave in Plush City has a ‘green tree’ in front of his church. We can get him for but another thousand dollars a year salary!

Elsewhere in our literature you’ve been shown how God talks to us thru numbers. Wherefore, the 30-fold lack 70 to being 100. That is, the number of His Church in its SOUL ‘power’ is entirely lacking. They aren’t even in His Church: they have received no ‘eternal life’ for either soul or body – The 60-fold lack 40 to being 100-fold. It is the number of fruitfulness in its SOUL ‘power’. It is the, wilderness number of testing, wherein those who were found worthy ENTERED THE LAND OF PROMISE. But observe the difference: these 60-fold LACK that fruitfulness brot out thru a successful sojourn of the wilderness. Therefore they do not enter the Land of Promise. (Hear those sheep running!)

Said He: The Kingdom of God is as a man casting seed into the ground; he rises day and night while the seed grows, bringing forth first the blade, then the ear and after that the FULL CORN IN THE EAR (Mk 4:26-28). Therein we see the parallel between the 30 – 60 and 100-fold.

Had Christ our Lord elucidated the ‘mystery’ in plain words, or had it elsewhere been set forth for the simple to understand, then it would have ceased to be ‘a MYSTERY’. Wherefore, it is quite impossible to set it forth in that many words quoted from the Bible. That which is fully and authoritatively detailed for all and sundry to understand, remains no longer a ‘mystery.’ But our Lord did not do so, for, the people were “gross and hard of heart” – even as they still are. Because of that He said to Nicodemus: “I have told you of earthly things and you believe not: HOW then could you believe if I were to tell you of heavenly things?” (John 3:12)…. Because of that grossness, they were left in ignorance, and still abide in darkness. However, the KEYS are clearly set forth in scripture. To these we shall now look:

Israel in Egypt whose ‘groanings’ had reached unto God, was a type of all of God’s spirit-children in this world, groaning under the weight of sin, whipped by the lash of PAIN in the hand of the devil who is “the prince of this world” (Lk 4:6-7; Jn 14:30): typified by Pharaoh of Egypt. When such have had their ‘belly full’ of ‘Pharaoh’s’ treatment, they begin to groan before the God of heaven, imploring deliverance.

Therefore, “in the fullness of time” God sent forth A DELIVERER of Whom Moses prophesied that God would raise One ‘like unto himself’ (making Moses a type thereof: see Deut 18:15-19). Wherefore, since Moses was A TYPE of that coming Deliverer, we have but to look to THE TYPE or fashion of DELIVERANCE wrot under the hand of Moses:

While in Egypt (this world of sin) under bondage to Pharaoh (Lucifer), every family had to slay its ‘Passover Lamb’, applying its blood to the sides and head of the doorframe. When, then, ‘the destroying angel’ passed thru the land, wherever he might see the BLOOD, he would PASS OVER (not entering to destroy). Yet every Israelite thus protected had to REMAIN IN THE HOUSE UNTIL MORNING – lest he die!

THEN came deliverance! Moses led them out under a high hand! THIRTY days they were thus led. Exodus 16:1 tells us that they came into the wilderness of Sin between Elim and Sinai on the 15th day of the 2nd month. That ‘Passover’ had taken place closing the 14th day of the 1st month; they left the next morning. Wherefore, they had been 30 days in the wilderness THIS ANSWERS to the 30-fold IN ENACTED DRAMA. From here commences the entering in to the 60-fold category (by type). Immediately thereafter, GOD SENDS THEM MANNA FROM HEAVEN (Ex 16:15). This was a type of the true BREAD OF GOD (Jesus) which came down from heaven to give life unto the world (Jn 6 :32-33, 58).

Then, lest our hard hearts should fail to understand, we are clearly told that on the 6Oth day they arrived at Sinai (Ex 19:1-2) where the LAW was received. Observe, in Egypt and in the wilderness, the destroying angel had withheld his sword: they were under GRACE – while abiding under the blood-seal. But not until they had received the Holy LAW was the way opened unto LIFE (thru the remission of sin), for, “the soul that sins, it shall die.” GRACE, but not LIFE prevailed for the 30-day (fold) pilgrimage of Israelites. But SUSTAINING BREAD FROM HEAVEN commenced as soon as they embarked upon the lap of the 60-fold, or the 31st to the 60th day of their journey. Then thru the rites received at the FOOT of the mount, their sins were blotted out in order that their conscience might also be clear.

The masses were content to abide at THE FOOT of the mount, In fact, they were SCARED to go near it. Yet up, Up, UP in the high clouds MOSES WAS ON THE MOUNT WITH GOD ON THE l00th DAY (60+40=100). THEN AND THERE HE RECEIVED THE ANOINTING AND COMMISSION UNTO THE HIGH PRIEST HOOD OF GOD. HE ENTERED INTO THE 100-Fold. This same truth is/was wrot out for us in the construction of the tabernacle. It had 2 equal courts. While in the 2nd court was the ‘Sanctuary’ for the priests, beyond which was the HOLY OF HOLIES. Thus again the 3 divisions. The 1st court was commonly termed the Profane or outer court. Therein worshipped the congregation as they offered upon an altar THREE cubits in height (3 to its soul power yields 30). Any and all of Israel could enter at its eastern gate to worship, and sacrifice unto their God. Yet observe: Into its second or holy division for the priesthood (symbolizing the 60-fold), none could enter but the Priesthood! They were not selected; they could not buy nor earn their way into the sacred place: they had to be BORN into that holy family! Thereby we again see how LIFE is the lot of the 60-fold, tho as yet not received by the 30-fold. But again observe: the 60-fold priesthood had no right to enter into the final cubicle known as the Holy of Holies – into the presence of the SHEKINAH GLORY. Into that holy presence of God could enter none but the highpriest who had been especially consecrated and anointed for that office. Not only had he to be of the tribe of Levi – the same as the other priests, but also born into the household of AARON (the enlightened) and thereafter properly ANOINTED. This anointing unto enlightenment (Aaron) typifies the SPIRIT BAPTISM, which sanctifies and genders unto LIGHT.

We have, therefore, first the 30-fold: Such have procured for themselves a Passover lamb and applied its blood. And under that blood-seal they must abide. Bear in mind it wasn’t sufficient that a lamb was slain and its blood shed. The lamb had to be OWNED and its blood applied. Similarly must the “Lamb of God” be OWNED by the individual in the ‘Egypt’ of this world before His precious blood becomes effective. Yet that is but UNDER GRACE: there is a wilderness trek ahead with its multitudinous temptations before 60-fold (day) is attained and LIFE received. * * “ALL that the Father gives me SHALL COME TO ME; and * * him that comes to me I will in no wise cast out.” Jn 6:37

Actually, here is the proper rendering; “he that comes TOWARDS me.” This applies also to the 30-fold. But be not so simple as to say that means HEAVEN! ‘LIFE’ is a prerequisite to heaven, for, they have no graveyard there! The 30-fold have not eternal life! Not to be cast out refers to “the Kingdom of God” (which includes the earth) but not necessarily the Kingdom of HEAVEN. You may be in the USA, but not necessarily be in the District of Columbia. And you might be in the latter yet not necessarily in the Capitol of WASHINGTON. ‘Uncle Sam’ might not “cast out” one of its citizens, yet such a one might be preclude from the Capitol, or even from D.C. – as being undesirable in such precincts… Such 30-fold – who remain 30-fold at the close of this dispensation of Grace, “live not again until the 1000 years are finished” (Rev 20:5). Manifestly, their “living again” refers to EARTH-life here on this earth, for THAT is the connotation of those words. And, since they” live again” – that means another chance for them to enter into the 60-fold, or LIFE.

The second category have partaken of the Manna and received the LAW: an ATONEMENT sacrifice has been made for them whereupon they have been “born again” or anew, or from ABOVE. They have been washed from their sins and born into the Household of God. They are ‘Levites’ which ADHERE to their God (the meaning of the name Levi).

Later, when another 40-of-testing has been successfully endured they receive the Holy Spirit Baptism. Now they become members of the Aaronite priesthood, which have the right to enter God’s presence. They and they alone have that right.

The 30 and the 60-fold enter the kingdom on EARTH while Moses alone is on the mountaintop with God. Stupid ones: HOW could you believe that God will pluck EMPTY ears of corn for His table? But lollypops and pink ice cream seem so much better!

By Mikkel Dahl

From the booklet “Light On Scripture”