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God - Who What Where, Mikkel Dahl, DibirdShow

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It is doubtful that any issue for the Christian has been wrapped in more MYSTERY and bamboozling dogma than that of “the Son of God”. Usually He is ascribed Deity. And most Christians would – undoubtedly – pinpoint the SON as first commencing with “the BABE OF THE MANGER”. Some declare Him as ONE OF THREE, but wrapped in the ‘mystery’ of ‘THREE-IN-ONE’! Some ascribe CREATION to the Father, while later on the Old One begot ‘a Son’ to clean up the mess…. Still others declare Jesus as “THE ONE AND ONLY GOD and indivisible Creator”! Usually, such are labeled “Jesus ONLY” people. While to add further to the contusion, we have numerous cultists who label Him a very enlightened TEACHER and EXEMPLAR, but not to be confused with God the Creator. Some label Him an “elder brother”. Most of these ascribe Him some special office or MISSION to perform. And still others that He was only one among many greatly ENLIGHTENED who have manifested on earth. And still others declare Him but “A MYTH”!

The thoughts and inevitable conclusion I shall here express, would have been quite impossible at the outset of my career as a TEACHER-IN-TRUTH. And readers of this treatise, who are not familiar with a number of my other writings, may find it difficult to FULLY accept the conclusions to follow. For, in one brief exposition it is impossible to present that mass of evidence which PROVES THE CASE – beyond controversy.

Wherefore, first let me emphasize the INescapable conclusion to be drawn from my innumerable writings (demonstrated like a crossword puzzle) that:

(1) God has clearly manifested to man; (2) that God has left His UNrefutable insignia abundantly scattered through the Pentateuch and by His various prophets, as well as through the FOUR GOSPELS and the “book of Revelation”. (3) That in His expressions to man, He has used no idle word nor false symbol.
Wherefore, the corollary to this realization must be

(Please observe that “the revealed Word of God” refers to what is above mentioned, but does NOT include ancient history written and juggled by man – much of which is still scattered through the text of our Bible.)

Neither can we arrive at TRUTH by claiming the right to ‘interpret’ Scripture to suit our own ideas or alleged versions of Truth (mostly to bolster man-invented creeds)!

Therefore, whosoever has arrived at this understanding and faith should find little difficulty in shedding the cobwebs of dogma and man-concocted ‘mysteries’; to come out into the glorious LIGHT OF TRUTH, and the enjoyment of that FAITH which is KNOWN to be founded in fact!

Our problem then is simple! Jesus said: “SEARCH the Scripture —- they are they which testify of me!” (John 5:39). Observe what He said: not to tie ourselves to some theologian or man-appointed teacher, but rather SEARCH the Scripture (for ourselves). Neither to run to some ‘intelligentsia’ or parrot for an ‘interpretation’ of that which is written, but “judge for yourselves what is right”! Lk 12:57.

By Mikkel Dahl

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