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God - Who What Where, Mikkel Dahl, DibirdShow

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– manifesting in human flesh!

Of course, if you know better than Yahweh, then the inspired record is worthless (to you)! Or, IF after the fashion of Theologian This or Teacher That, you ‘interpret’ the Scripture to suit your own ideas, then again the inspired record becomes worthless and but a word-ball to kick around! (In either instance, reckon not your stupid conceit as deserving of public attention.)

But now converge a crescendo of voices to question: IF Yahweh indeed encased Himself in human flesh, did THAT SPIRIT rule the universe even while He was a babe – and thru later life? Or WHO was on the Heavenly Throne? Or was that vacant? Or was there some sort of mystic ‘ray’ of Himself on the Throne or may be in the body of Jesus (making Him a Divine schizophrenic)? And who was the ‘Father’ of whom Jesus spoke, whom He also referred to as His ‘God’? And is it not foolish to suppose that Yahweh the Almighty: Creator of Heaven and earth and the Father of angelic orders and the Spirit in man, would indeed subject Himself for 33 years to the limitations of a human body, and the final agony upon the Cross?……LET US SEE!

First, when once we accept the honest and inerrant Word of Yahweh (SIGNATURED thru prophecy), we see at once that Teacher-This and Scientist-That who proclaim Jesus as merely man, but enlightened for His day and a great ‘teacher’, ARE BUT VENDORS OF DECEIVING TWADDLE, SEEKING TO EXALT THEMSELVES – by the HUMANIZING of Jesus, and thus to better foist themselves on the ignorant and credulous.

This TRUTH of the Yahweh Himself indwelling the body of Jesus, was finally understood by the apostles, at any rate by John who declared Him as ‘The WORD’ who had become human flesh, yet had created all there is! (See John 1:1-3, 10, 14). Much later Paul was given the same by revelation, for, he declared Jesus as the CREATOR of all things that are in Heaven or on earth, visible and invisible, even to that of angelic orders (see Col 1:13- 7).

When once this terrific Truth is fully realized, then does the Christian believer bow in awesome worship before his Maker: knowing that his Maker – YAHWEH – CAME HIMSELF IN PERSON TO RECLAIM SIN-CURSED CREATION -that it was not an old ‘Father’ (God) who permitted error to enter and later relegated the onus of its expiation to a ‘Son’ by the enduring of cruel torture and the shedding of His blood! Moreover, the one ‘from Missouri’ (who must have it proven) who has seriously questioned the possibility of the shed blood of any man atoning for human sin, realizes in a flash, that THAT LIFE which was and IS THE CREATOR IN PERSON, energizing and coursing in the blood of the Nazarene; had well within itself THE POWER AND EFFICACY to ‘REDEEM’ whomsoever, and ‘ATONE’ for whatsoever He saw fit. IF we dispute that, then do we LIMIT the power of the Creator:

As to WHO ruled the universe during Yahweh’s 33 years’ sojourn on earth, THAT becomes simple as soon as we correctly understand the term ‘God’. ‘God’ was still on the Heavenly Throne. The Great ‘KEEPER’ (God) is whosoever has the POWER and the OCCASION to fill that office! Even in the affairs of stupid man, IF “Mr. President” decides to travel to a foreign country on important business, THAT does not mean that the Chief Executive’s chair is left vacant! A ‘deputy’, in whom is vested sufficient authority, RULES in the absence of the other. Similarly in the days of Jesus: A ‘KEEPER’ was on the Universal Throne, attending to every minute detail!

Therefore is it written that He – Yahweh – ” – – made himself of no reputation, and took upon Him the form of a servant (Phil 2:7). Another translation renders it more correctly by stating: “EMPTIED HIMSELF, taking the form of a slave —“.

That is, Yahweh EMPTIED HIMSELF of His reigning POWER (“made Himself of no reputation”), laying down at the Central Seat of POWER His “seals of Office”, by which act He “erased His reputation” (great GLORY), entering into a slave-form, becoming known as Jesus the Nazarene. Even by the faulty translation in the A.V. we observe that He first voided His ‘reputation’, then took on Him(-self) the form of a servant. Observe clearly that it was NOT the Nazarene (the servant) who was content to not build up a ‘reputation’, but rather Yahweh Who “was in the form of God” (verse 6), that is, in THE OFFICE OF ‘KEEPER’. That KEEPER divested Himself of His GLORY (“erased His own reputation”) in order to manifest in the form of A SLAVE!

At the very moment of His doing so, another exalted Being assumed THE RESPONSIBILITY AS KEEPER: (God). Of that mighty Being spoke Jesus, terming Him “My Father and My God” (‘Keeper’) (see John 20:l7). Of Him Jesus declared: “My Father is greater than I” (John 14:28)

Now, to clear the hoary mystery of the FATHER to Whom Jesus referred, and to dispel the mental mists of man-invented dogma we find in the doctrine of the ‘Trinity’, as well as the equally great error of the ‘Jesus only’ people, we shall have to take a closer look at the

This takes us back to Gen 1:26: “And the Eiohitu said: “Let US make man in OUR image and after OUR likeness —“.

Scholars seem to be in full agreement that the “im” ending denotes the PLURAL. Hence we have the plural carried through to “OUR image” and after “OUR likeness”. Theories have been built up and dogmas evolved to suit the ideas of man and dreamers in the night. One of such has it that the plural form denotes “the plurality of VIRTUES or of MAJESTY, or “The fullness of strength”.

ALL such stupid babble and empty verbiage let us cast aside for the absolute ZERO it is worth! GOD is the interpreter of His own expressions! And, since we have the clearest of Yahweh’s statements that it were to be HE HIMSELF whom Jewry should PIERCE and LOOK UPON after buying His blood for 30 pieces of silver, then we are fully justified to look to the words of the same Yahweh as He hung upon the Cross in agony, awaiting release from the slowly dying body of the Nazarene:

** “EUM, ELOI, lama sabachttanir – Mk 15:34
What! Did not Yahweh-Jesus know how to properly address “the FATHER” upon the Throne, by calling Him “the PLURAL of Majesty” (“ElohIM”), or the “Fullness of Strength” as our modern scribes have advanced?? But no!! Yahweh Himself upon Calvary’s Cross, recognized His ‘Father’ (Who “is greater than I”) – only in the singular!!

What! Are we too stupid to understand plain words when they are repeated, and their truth hammered at us? Are we not supposed to understand that there is more than ONE when the PLURAL is used and THEY carry on a conversation? Or are our skulls so utterly empty that we must quail before the simplest language, jabbering as we run excitedly to a long-frocked priesthood to ‘interpret’ words written for a 6-year old to understand? Or are we so moon-struck that the plain words of God to His wee children are not acceptable until we weave about it involved dogma to complicate the simple and MYSTIFY the lucid?

But comes the retort: “Our God is only ONE! Wherefore, we cannot postulate TWO or more!

Stupid! How could there ever be more than ONE ‘Keeper’? Even in the affairs of man, has any business many BOSSES’? Has a kingdom more than ONE king? Or a Republic many Presidents? And when one is replaced, does that mean TWO ‘bosses’ or ‘Presidents’? Or when one travels and leaves a functionary behind, does that change the imperative SINGLENESS of the Office? Even so upon the Heavenly Throne: When ONE KEEPER sees it expedient to “travel to a foreign country to seek fruit in His vineyard, He delegates to ANOTHER – fully capable – THE SEALS OF OFFICE with the full responsibility for the ‘KEEPING’ duties! THAT does not imply a plurality of active KEEPERS any more so than the great American Republic has many Presidents. Of sheer necessity, there can be but ONE acting CHIEF EXECUTIVE in either instance!

By Isaiah 44:8, Yahweh declares “there is no God beside me: I know not any.” Observe, He did not say there was no CREATOR beside Himself; nor did He deny the existence of some other exalted Being. But simply said that there was no ‘God’ aside from Himself. Manifestly, there could be only ONE Chief Executive on ACTIVE duty; and that duty to KEEP all of creation. THERE CAN BE NO DIVISION IN RULERSHIP. Wherefore, “HEAR Oh Israel, Yahweh your ‘Keeper’ is ONE —–.”

Bear in mind that PAGANISM was in the toils of A MULTIPLICITY of ‘gods’. They worshipped a ‘god’ of fertility, and another ‘god’ of agriculture and another for fishermen, and thus and thus and thus! ‘Israel’ lived in the midst of such stupid idolatry; therefore was it vitally important for THE TRUE KEEPER to declare Himself IN FULL AND ABSOLUTE CONTROL in order to do away with DEMONOLOGY!

Now do I hear a THINKING student say? “You declare but ONE ‘Keeper’, yet you concede that the ElohIM signifies PLURALITY.

To understand that we must bear in mind the TIME and the CONDITIONS or CIRCUMSTANCES under which a word is used or an expression made.

God is THE CHIEF (executive). On earth He spoke through ‘prophets’ and appointed a priesthood to instruct and direct the activities of His people.

Similarly let us contrast the HEAD of a Ford plant. He appoints his Superintendent and Foremen and department-bosses. IF then the employees become unruly, is not the Plant-BOSS justified to thunder to them: You have ONE BOSS only? Yet IF that BOSS is young in office, and the retiring CHIEF EXECUTIVE has seen it expedient to remain for a while as coach and counselor, does THAT give the plant TWO Bosses? But NO! The elder executive knows better than to go through the plant issuing orders, but will make his suggestions directly to the younger Boss. OF NECESSITY THERE MUST BE SINGLENESS O F EXECUTIVE POWERS!

But surely you can see that IF the Chief Boss and retiring Elder were considering some vital enlargement to the plant, or CHANGE in the plan of assembly methods, the two of them might get together and DISCUSS the matter, IF this were to be recorded, we couldn’t very well say that the ‘Boss’ talked to himself! But rather, “the BossES” said: ‘Let US have this assembly line run by day, and that one by night. Or we might refer to them as the “Directors” or the ” Executives”. Such a record would only mean that the PLANNERS had discussed matters and CAME TO A FULL AGREEMENT. But by no stretch of the imagination does such an account imply that the WORKMEN had two bosses!

Under conditions not too dissimilar was it written: “Let US make man in OUR image and after OUR likeness”. …. Yet for ever AND A DAY I MUST THE EXECUTIVE VOICE REMAIN ONE (“Hear Oh Israel, the ‘Boss’ your ‘KEEPER’ is ONE!”)

While manifesting in human flesh Yahweh said: “I and my Father are ONE.” From this together with the first commandment, our theologians have fabricated the dogma of the ‘Trinity’ the 3-in-1 yet l-in-3; COexistent and the same in substance. Included therein is “God the Holy Spirit”! (Momentarily let me say: I knew of no Bible passage that speaks of “God the Holy Spirit” or even remotely alluding thereto! THAT is purely a fabrication by the theologians! But perhaps some good protégé of theirs will come forward to show me how ignorant of Scripture I am.)

Now let us look again at this “I and my Father are ONE” . But did not our Lord say: “It is written AGAIN!” Wherefore I quote to you: ” The Scripture is not of any PRIVATE interpretation!” (II Peter 1:20). Therefore I do deny to any and all – within the range from Pope to parrot – the right to ‘interpret’ the simplest passage of Scripture contrary to common sense and GOD’S ELUCIDATION OF HIS OWN WORD!

Tell me now: This Yahweh Who spoke of being ONE with His Father, would not HE be ‘the logical one to explain what He meant thereby? Or is the dream stuff of drowsers in the night more to the point? Or maybe we should HEAR a parrot on a broken record?

IF so, very well – creed-bound, to the befuddling mist of fantasy be gone. But let the sincere SEEKER AFTER TRUTH bow in worshipful adoration before our gracious Father who has made all things plain and intelligible unto the merest of His children..

“Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which Shall believe on me through their word: that THEY ALL MAY BE ONE: as you – Father – are in me, and I in you; that THEY ALSO MAY BE ONE IN US, that the world may Believe that You have sent me.” – John 17:20-21
Yahweh-in-human-flesh looked forward and saw the mumbo-jumbo hoaxeries that were to mystify the unlearned, so that power could be increased in the hands of an ecclesiastical hierarchy? Therefore did He ruthlessly smash to shivers, man’s calculated dogmas that were to reign in the hours of darkness!

Is not His language so simple that the merest school boy can explain? Eleven disciples were facing their Lord when He uttered that great intercessory prayer to The FATHER. Praying to His Father He implored that these – His disciples – might “BE ONE” – even after the same fashion as He was ONE with His Father!! Were the 11 disciples but ONE BODY OF FLESH? Were they “1-in-11 and 11-in-1″? AFTER THE MANNER THAT WE ARE ONE said He to His Father (“AS you Father are in me and I in you”) so grant that these whom I love may also “BE ONE”!

True to His style of sweeping authority, in those few words He SHATTERED FOREVER the ‘mystery’ of the ‘Godhead’! The same truth in identical words He voiced in v, 11; while the KEY to the ONENESS He gave in v. 23 in that He said — that they may be made perfect IN ONE; that the world may know that thou hast sent me and HAS LOVED THEM — as you have loved me.” Observe His words: ” — that the world may know — that THOU HAST LOVED THEM – -.” Then loot at His similar words used a short time previously when He said to them: “By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, IF YOU HAVE LOVE ONE TO ANOTHER.” John 13:35) —– Whereby we see that LOVE is that ‘UNIFYING* spirit of which He spoke: that magic alchemy that would fuse the 11 into ONE (in Spirit).

That ONENESS He demonstrated in even simpler language, debunking forever the ‘mystery’ jargoned about a ‘Trinity’. Behold the simpleness of His words:

“On that day you shall know that I am in my Father, and YOU IN ME, and I in you! ”YOU in me – – -.”
Apparently the TRINITY doctrine has grossly curtailed the ‘Godhead’! With 11 disciples IN Jesus that -would make at least 12, maybe 141…. In the selfsame breath He spoke of Himself IN His Father and also IN them, and THEY IN HIM! Only the BLIND by indoctrination and the pig-headed can fail to see the overwhelming simplicity of His statements that explode the ‘mystery’; declaring an ONENESS through the alchemy of A SPIRIT-LOVE. Through the magic of this LOVE were they to be IN Him, and then would they also perceive that He was IN the Father, and also IN them!

In the 15th chapter of John, He DEFINED that LOVE of which He spoke. While in 14:21, 23-24, He spoke of LOVE’s manifestation in that it enforces (from within) the carrying out of the wishes, injunctions and will of the one who is loved.

Therein we see THE ONE AND ONLY Biblical explanation of the ONEness of Yahweh and His Father, Through the transcendent LOVE of Father for Son and Son for Father, to the extent that there is AN ABSOLUTE AND UNQUESTIONING MUTUAL RESPECT for the will and wishes of one another. * THUS * may they too be ONE – He prayed the Father, that the world may know that I have DISCIPLINED THEM, and that YOU HAVE LOVED THEM – even as you hare loved me. (Herein we see the basis of His motivation for the spiritual disciplining (13 : 35) of the chosen ones, He might have worded it like this: ‘Oh righteous Father, because YOU HAVE * LOVED * THEM – I have disciplined them to the end that they also should reflect that mutual LOVE which unifies father and son: THEN shall the world perceive your great love for them’ .

“But that the WORLD MAY KNOW that I love You ARISE! LET US GO HENCE.” – John 14:31
THAT was but an hour or two before the armed band took Him captive. At the very moment of His speaking HE KNEW THE FATHER’S WILL, as well as the horror of the impending events, together with the agony of suffering and humiliation which would be heaped upon Him. In the face of THAT SHAME AND SUFFERING and its vision horrific: with great will and determination He arose to deliberately walk into Darkness’ stark hour, saying: “BY THIS (act) shall the world KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU” But WHO was/is the FATHER to Yahweh-in-human-flesh?

In the opening of Genesis we are shown PLURALITY by use of the ” ElohIM” and THEIR conversation. Somewhat later Yahweh declared that He would manifest in human flesh – to be put to death. Not only through the prophet Zechariah but also through Malachi did He declare His personal advent on earth by saying:

“See! I will send my messenger and he shall prepare the way BEFORE ME; and the Lord ( Yahweh) whom you seek SHALL SUDDENLY COME TO HIS TEMPLE —! Mal 3:1
Having arrived at “His temple” some 450 years later, this same Yahweh spoke to the selfish and hypocritical priesthood, forecasting their doom and announcing His own identity by speaking the parable of the vineyard:

“But last of all He sent unto them HIS SON, saying: They will reverence my Son!” Mat 21:37
Here we should observe that Jesus portrayed God (the KEEPER then on the throne) as an ‘householder’ – who, last of all SENT his son. The SON was with the Father from the beginning (of His planting the vineyard). Observe that it was not the Householder who later begot a son in the midst of the husbandmen, but pointedly: the Son – of sheer NECESSITY – had been with the Father in order to later get SENT unto the husbandmen!

This is stressed, for I am well aware that many explain (interpret) ‘the Son’ (phase of God) as becoming AT THE INCARNATION. We have but to look at His words to see through the lie of that twaddle.

Or , WE CAN “JUDGE FOR OURSELVES WHAT IS RIGHT”. Suppose a bachelor scientist concocts a synthetic egg which eventually he succeeds in hatching! So (in our supposition) the egg brings forth a chick! Would we then say that the bachelor scientist had become ‘a father’? How utterly ridiculous! HE MUST BEGET HIS OWN KIND before we will credit him with ‘fatherhood’.

The Yahweh-Savior declared plainly that “God IS A SPIRIT’. HE would necessarily have to beget A SPIRIT in order to be A FATHER! (STOP right here until this terrific TRUTH is thoroughly grasped.) Whereby again we see the empty mumbo jumbo of certain spiritual luminaries who limit ‘the SON’ to the manifestation of the Manger’s Babe…..

Later in His triumphant exultation in Spirit He prayed: ” — that they may behold my glory which thou has given me, for, you loved me BEFORE the foundation of the world!” (John 17:24) The same thought was expressed in the 5th verse but even more emphatically (in declaring His PREexistence with the Father) . And in that He said: “My father is GREATER than I”. Did He give the lie to the Trinity doctrine that declares them equal! …. To postulate that He who was-aware of His Yahweh-identity, yet spoke of Himself but in the consciousness of FLESH limitation and called A SPIRIT His ‘father’, becomes just that much childish prattle. Let us grasp clearly the distinction and recognize the relationship between “father and son”. Let us understand once and for all time that THERE CAN BE NEITHER WITHOUT THE OTHER! There can be no ‘son’ unless there is a ‘father’; neither can there be a ‘father’ unless or until he has offspring after his own kind”. (These elementary facts of biology should need no mentioning were it not for the fact that our theologians today are but parrots in plumage who have trained their protégés in parakeetery.) A little honest reflection on this simple Truth, reveals the absurd stupidity of postulating that A SPIRIT became ‘a father’ when Mary brought forth her first-born. THAT is tantamount to declaring that God was A MAN OF HUMAN FLESH. Yet Yahweh said to Moses that no man could SEE HIM and still live! (Ex 33: 20)

Let us reflect a little farther on “father and son”. THINK in terms that we can understand fully. In a very limited sense-man becomes a ‘god’ when he enters fatherhood. To begin with he placed the seed that eventually developed into a human form. Here we find harmony with the definition some have given to ‘Theos’ as that of ‘Placer’. But to stop there does gross injustice to fatherhood in the sight of man as well as before God. A father has RESPONSIBILITIES. It is recognized that he is accountable for the little form that has come into the world. God commands it; the laws of any civilized land enforce it, while deep within the heart of every father is the URGE to watch over, provide for and KEEP that life which he has begotten. Is there anything that God has placed within the heart of parents more entrenched, or surer to find expression than the ‘keeper’ -love towards the offspring? Have we not been begotten in the IMAGE of our MAKER?

As this is THE outstandingly expressive relationship between parents and child, can we then evade the conclusion that the selfsame KEEPER-love is THE predominant nature of the “Father of Spirits” Who created man (physical body) in His own image? THUS, how can we again evade the conclusion that the first name of Himself that He revealed to man, was and IS THAT WHICH BESPEAKS HIS PREDOMINANT NATURE? (Eloah-Eloi; ElohIM, while “Er for short.) WHERE, or WHO was the parent of God to give Him a name pleasing to the ears? Was it not HE who declared His name and nameS to man? IS HE NOT TRUE? AND HONEST? ASSUREDLY! So it follows naturally that the name He manifested to His creation was THAT name which would convey to them HIS PRINCIPAL CHARACTERISTIC and function to them-ward. And having done so He commenced to ‘hammer in’ this basic Truth by such emphatic declarations as: “I AM your shield and mighty defense; I AM with you and will KEEP you in all places; I AM with you to SAVE and to DELIVER”; and later and more intimately: “Be not anxious for tomorrow — for behold, I AM with you even unto the end of the age”.

“You loved me BEFORE the foundation of the world”, Even by itself this AFFIRMS that A SPIRIT had BEGOTTEN HIS OWN KIND (another ‘Spirit’) before creation THUS, having begotten a Spirit-SON, THAT made the ‘First Cause’ a ‘Father’. To attribute Him ‘Fatherhood’ through the creation of FLESH – regardless of HOW brought about – BECOMES A MONSTROUS ABSURDITY!

Now for a minor point seized upon by the unscrupulous that are enemies of Christ our Savior. John 4:24 speaks of God as “a Spirit” , but does not place the ‘a’ in italics. Yet the ‘a’ IS AN INSERTION by the translators! This fact has been exploited by some trying to show that God is NOT a Being or Personality, but rather an UNdefinable FORCE or substance that is everywhere present, but nowhere, nor ever as AN INDIVIDUAL (being)!

Let us bare in mind that many of the ancient languages did not make use of the indefinite article ‘a’ neither did they use a bunch of unnecessary words. This becomes evident when we look at all the printed words IN ITALICS in the A.V. “Yet such lack of words is no excuse for us to be pig-headed and deny their intended presence. As in John 4:24 the Lord immediately proceeds to say: ” – – – they that worship HIM must worship HIM in spirit and in Truth.” He did not say to worship ‘it’, but boldly declared God to be A Being by using the INDIVIDUAL pronoun (Him). Can we speak of space or force as him or her – and still maintain our rationality. But some are not concerned over Truth and Reason! Such with brazen abandon contort the Word of God that fit their own dreams in the night, woven into crackpot theories that they seek to foist upon the simple. Or could a sane and normal person ‘WORSHIP’ space, or force or anything intangible even to thought? And IF Jesus spoke of ‘spirit’ in its abstract and NON-personal sense, how could He call THAT His ‘Father’? And rejoice in reminiscence over the GLORY He had with that ” before the world”? Since we have a brain, LET US USE IT!

Now we have clearly beheld how the awesome Yahweh unequivocally declared Himself to be the CREATOR (Jer 10:10, 12-13), and how the selfsame Creator of all there is, clearly implied five centuries beforehand how He (Yahweh speaking) would incarnate in human FLESH in order that they could weigh for His price of 30 silver, and look upon HIM (‘me’) whom they pierced: THAT through the prophet Zechariah. A little later through Malachi He declared the same Truth by foretelling He would send a special messenger to prepare HIS way (‘before ME’), and the Lord (Yahweh) whom ye seek “SHALL SUDDENLY COME TO HIS PEOPLE (Mal 3:1). This ‘temple’ word has here a twofold meaning: (1) the temple of HUMAN FLESH: the body for His incarnation (2) the temple of wood and stone wherein the Chosen People worshipped Yahweh.

While we have reason, let us not affirm that He meant it in a SPIRITUAL sense. For, in a spiritual sense HE WAS ALREADY THERE! And had He meant that He would manifest His spiritual presence FEARFULLY as He did in the days of Moses, then in keeping with His impeccable honesty He -would have been compelled to say: “I will come AGAIN suddenly to – my people – –.” Moreover, there is no record of His spiritual presence ever manifesting phenomenally in the temple of Zerubbabel, neither in the rebuilt and enlarged one by king Herod. Yet of THAT temple He said through His mouthpiece: “I will fill this house with glory — the glory of this latter house SHALL BE GREATER than the former.” – Hag 2:7, 9.

Would God – A Spirit – eulogize wood and rock and precious stones? Hardly! But rather He spoke of the glorification of Zerubbabel – Herod’s temple by or Through the personal manifestation there of Yahweh-in-human-flesh; of the GLORY OF TRUTH He fearlessly declared, and the GLORY of the POWER HE WIELDED AT THE SPOKEN WORD! Yes, of the GLORY OF GOD’S UNLIMITED POWER IN THE PRESENCE OF MAN! Unless THIS TRUTH is recognized and accepted, then Hag 2:7 and 9 become a lie! Nineteen centuries ago THAT temple was reduced to rubble, la grandeur it could not be compared to Solomon’s: neither was any spiritual manifestation of God ever recorded for it – save for THE GLORY OF YAHWEH-IN-PERSON as He strode its courts in the calm and majestic assurance of the Creator; declaring Truth as never heard before nor since; WIELDING DIVINE POWER which struck awe and terror to the heart of the carnal. “STRETCH IT FORTH” He commanded, when instantly, the withered arm was restored to normalcy! “It was He who said:

” I came forth from the Father and am come into the world; again I leave the world and go to the Father” – John 16:28
IF God is but “spirit”‘, or some indefinable FORCE, then were the words of Jesus only BABBLE; for, that FORCE – like space itself – could NEVER BE LEFT BEHIND, neither “returned unto”! IF Jesus was a babbler, then He was of lower intelligence than many of His compatriots. IF so, then He could not speak parables and perform miracles, ALL OF WHICH WERE VEILED PROPHECIES – now vindicated by history! Yet THAT I have demonstrated abundantly in numerous writings! Wherefore it follows that it was NOT Jesus who babbled, but nitwits and the unscrupulous who seek their own personal glory by the propagating of falsehoods – at a price….

We have now established through the revelation that Yahweh gave of Himself, that He used the word ‘God’ to designate His OFFICE as man’s KEEPER. That through three different mouthpieces He clearly foretold that He (in person) would incarnate in human flesh in a manifestation unto His Chosen People, (see Isa 9:6-7; Zech 11 10, 12-13; Mal 3:1). So let us take another look at the GODHEAD around which has been woven the mists of dreamstuff to obscure the Truth and bamboozle the unlearned (in His Word).

“Three in One and One in Three” and “three yet only One”, as well as more infantile babble along the same line. Still others have declared Jesus as THE One and ONLY: the indivisible Creator, manifesting His Fatherhood through begetting; His Sonship through the incarnation and His “Holy Spirit” in and through a portion, or emanation of His own substance (like steam rising off hot water), shedding it forth wheresoever He wills….. And of course, that too is a ‘mystery’.

The ‘Jesus Only’ people have had sense enough to realize the incoherent babble of the ‘trinity’ doctrine, yet have themselves lacked the rationality to perceive the ridiculous incongruity of the brain-child they brought forth: that the ‘Babe’ of human FLESH was the ‘son’ of A SPIRIT! (May God have compassion on His children in the night – engaged in blasphemous babble…) THAT is even more stupid than to say that an eagle fathered a sardine. The eagle and sardine are native to different elements (air and water): likewise is SPIRIT in relationship to matter (flesh) with the difference that the contrast is at least 100-fold greater! Moreover, the sexual organisms of bird and fish have nothing in common, neither that of spirit and flesh.

Read the opening of Genesis, and see how God has declared that ALL BROUGHT FORTH “AFTER THEIR OWN KIND”! It is not MD who postulates that one must beget his own kind (to enter parenthood), BUT THE VERY WORD OF YAHWEH HIMSELF! Wherefore it follows that GOD MUST ALSO BEGET HIS OWN KIND! He is A SPIRIT. His ‘fatherhood’ becomes by His begetting another ‘spirit’, or spirits. The earth, elements and various FORMS containing life, He has FORMED and CREATED, but not ‘begotten’. Even if He formed ten billion blazing stars, THAT would not make Him a “father”; neither would the creating of whales to fill ten thousand seas. And if creating fish did not make Him a ‘father’, neither did humanity constitute Him that: NO, not even the “Babe of the manger” – regardless of HOW that embryo was conceived. (For, the ‘First Cause’ was assuredly not A MAN!)

Neither let us sponsor fantasy by saying that God deflects, or emanates a ‘ray’ or portion of Himself elsewhere, calling that His ‘son’ or maybe ‘Holy Spirit’! Let us not ape those in ‘delirium tremens’…. Should the ocean swell her bosom in pride at the falling of raindrops? And say: I AM A MOTHER? NOTHING had been begotten!… Neither let us postulate that God is a schizophrenic with ‘splits’ within His being: the one part talking to the other. (How deep into spiritual dementia can mortals sink? But that is a $64 question!) MAN was created in the IMAGE of God. Therefore it follows that God is the original and perfect PATTERN on which man was formed; that God is the full-blown PERFECTION of man’s highest and best. Wherefore, let us not pick up something in a mental institution, enlarge its derangements infinitely and call the net result ‘God’! (Have you a brain? Then USE IT! That you were commanded! – Luke 12:57)

ADAM has been called “the son of God” according to Luke 3:38 AV. But observe: the words: ‘the son’ are in italics. The proper rendering is: “Adam which was of God”. This is one instance where the translators made an unjustified injection of an auxiliary thought. It is UNJUSTIFIED on the grounds that in Gen 5: 1 -2 we are told distinctly that God ‘CREATED’ Adam; the same word is again used in Gen. 1:27. Whereby we have the authority of God’s own word that Adam was CREATED, not ‘begotten’! That which is ‘formed’ is not offspring. The only sense in which Adam can be called the Son of God is by referring to the SPIRIT indwelling the human form known as Adam. Yet THAT spirit which dwelled in Adam permitted its garments (body and soul) to get stained through DISOBEDIENCE. Therefore, the Word of God does not accord to that spirit (within Adam) the honor of being named ‘a son’. THIS thought was clearly brought out by Jesus when speaking to the Jews of His day. He acknowledged that they were “the SEED of Abraham”, but would at the time not concede they were his “children’! He disputed their claim to being the children of God, but on the contrary – said He – they were the children of the devil! Here He clearly brought out the thought that a son would manifest the WORKS of his father. (Carefully study John 8: 37-47). And He stressed precisely the same thought when told that His mother and brethren were without – wishing to see Him. Said He: “My MOTHER and my BRETHREN are those who DO THE WILL OF MY FATHER IN HEAVEN! (Matt 12:48-50)

Simple rationality, together with the correct meaning of the word used, has shown us that ‘a son’ must be the off spring-in-kind of his father. Secondly, we have seen how Jesus raised the concept of a biologic and generic SONSHIP to include that of A MANIFEST sonship by doing the will and WORKS of one’s father! And its antecedent-in-logic is A SPIRITUAL MATURITY AND FITNESS to qualify for fatherhood! This gloriously full and interlinking reflex was manifest between Yahweh-Jesus and THE FATHER-GLORY that brought Yahweh into being. And THAT was Jesus’ meaning when He referred to Himself as the “son of hu-MAN-ity: the fully flowered perfection of humanity’s offspring.

Hereby we perceive why the Word of God in the originals does not call Adam the SON of God. First, the body of flesh had been FASHIONED from the elements instead of grown from a parent-seed. Secondly, the begotten spirit within WALKED NOT IN THE FOOTPRINTS OF ITS FATHER!

MAN is in bondage to FEAR, which in turn is the child of ignorance. Ignorance was the fettering chain wantonly used by an unscrupulous priesthood to shackle the body and soul of man — lest it lose possession of the “GOOSE that laid the golden eggs!!

Even as recently as pre-revolutionary Russia and some of the Balkan countries, peasants would tremble in fear before the landowners: yes to the extent of abjectly kissing the hand that cruelly smote them the moment before! Why? Because of ignorance (engendering fear). No education: no knowledge of the world and FREEmen: no cultivated talents: no leg of their own on which to stand. Hence their serfdom!

Similarly in the field that we term religion. Only a bare few centuries have passed since the last fagots were lit and martyrs therein bound – because THEY DARED TO BRING GOD’S WORD TO THE PEOPLE! And others also because THEY DARED T O BELIEVE THE WORD OF GOD – instead of man-invented doctrines foisted on the unlearned masses to hold them in subservient slavery!

With these thoughts in mind, let us return fearlessly to the ‘Godhead’ about which we have heard so much, and with deliberate determination sweep away the cluttering debris of man’s making. Sooner or later ALL must discern between FACT and fiction and choose between Christ and Creed! “SEARCH the Scripture” said He! Dare YOU obey His word? Come men, that we may SEARCH, and LOOK and UNDERSTAND. For, to understand is LIGHT and LIFE and JOY.

Clarified has it been before you that the ‘I AM’ who spoke to Moses out of the burning bush: He who identified Himself as Yahweh, was none other than He who came in person to redeem man from the curse of sin; manifesting in and through the body of the lowly Nazarene. And, in that He spoke of His “Father in Heaven” He declared Himself the Son of God: that is, the SPIRIT within as being the BEGOTTEN SPIRIT-SON of another and distinctly separate Being THEN on the Throne of Glory. FATHER and SON = TWO! The ‘ONE ADONAY’ or ‘Lord’ (master, boss) was, IS and forever shall be JUST THAT, for our KEEPER IS ONE!

This TRUTH was stressed also by the Crucified One when He cried out: “My Keeper, my Keeper, why have you forsaken me? Were there but ONE (Spirit-Being) in a ‘mysterious’ Godhead He could NEVER HAVE BEEN FORSAKEN! Again, were there but ONE, ‘forsaking’ would be an utter impossibility. REPUDIATE all ‘mysteries’: such are but the fabrications by man; God has made all things PLAIN. And He provided you a brain. Therefore, USE IT!

ALL these Truths have also been wrought out by God through type – to the end that man’s infantile brain should not fail to grasp the salient points. Abram-Isaac: The High Father and the Son of his JOY. But in Isaac’s seed should Abram’s children be counted. As Abraham was undisputedly GREATER than Isaac, so did Jesus say, “My Father is greater than I.” As Abraham had but “an ONLY SON” (Gen 22:2), so similarly ABOVE: Father and but ONE Son; and they add up to TWO (with no ‘mystery’ attached!)……

God is HONEST: the ‘types’ He wrote were TRUE IN DETAIL (within their applicable range and set boundaries). Thus we have the TWO of the ‘ElohIM’: Father and Son. That the latter was a begotten Being is also declared in John 1:18, and again stated in Rev 3:14 where He spoke of Himself as “the BEGINNING of the creation of God.” (Here, ‘manifestation’ would be a preferable word to ‘creation’).

By Mikkel Dahl

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