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The first guy who came up with the idea of a globe earth was named Eratosthenes. He tried to get the theory of heliocentrism to work. He could not.

Years later a guy named Copernicus re-tooled the theory of heliocentrism, to see if he could make it work.

At the same time, the Vatican was having a problem with a guy named Martin Luther. They seemed to grab onto the Copernican model as a distraction from the protestant revolution.

The Jesuits had been founded by the occultic influence of Gnosticism, so they were already sun worshipers at their core. The heliocentric model got IMMEDIATE TRACTION.
Soon after, Pope Gregory introduced the Gregorian calendar – an obvious attempt to hide the Builder of the Building we are living in. More on that soon.

This was a kick-start for the idea of endless space, and the possibility of alien life. This gave fertile ground for Charles Darwin to unveil his theory of evolution.

Then they used a Isaac Newton to wedge another theory into their grab-bad of God-hiding techniques.. Newton introduced his theory of gravity. Newton wrote pages upon pages of twisted equations to try to prove his theory. He could not prove it.

So basically their answer to “can’t prove it”, is to BURY IT IN MORE MATHEMATICAL EQUATIONS.

Out pops a theoretical physicist by the name of Albert Einstein. It was his job to come up with a mathematical formula proving what Newton, Copernicus, etc had theorized. What was need was an overarching theory to “make it work”. Einstein (his wife actually) came up with just the thing, the theory of relativity.

So after 500 years, we have been given a theory, that required another theory, that gave birth to a theory, that was supported by yet another theory, to be conclusively “proven” by a theory.

At no point has any solid proof ever been offered. Not one iota of hard science. They offer no evidence to support any of these Luciferian THEORIES.

Folks, they MADE IT ALL UP!!

Enjoying Some Light

Russ Dibird