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Russell Dibird Is Available For Interviews and/or Debate Panel Member

@ I’m a Christian with Bible-based views that people have never heard before.
@ Atheists, Non-Christians, and Globe-believers get lots to think about – or even converted.
@ Open minded Christians often resonate deeply with my message, with responses like “I’ve always known these things in my heart”.
@ Dogmatic Christians often get incredibly triggered when they hear the non-orthodox things I say.

My main subject of interest and experience revolves around the idea that “anything that has life was given birth to”.

Or – Anything that is alive, has a parent. No exceptions – unless you can think of one?

And on the other hand, there is nothing “made” that is alive. Craftsmen “make” things that have no life in them.

When I behold a human, I see 2 forms or versions of life – 1. the physical body 2. Your spirit – the real you – which is evidenced by the 98.6 degree furnace burning inside your chest right now… We know this because when someone dies, we say “that is only the body – the person has left”…

So we know were bodies come from – mom and dad / seed and egg. Genesis Ch 1 Principle of “like begets like”.

Now the tricky part – WHO IS THE PARENT OF YOUR SPIRIT? John 4:24 Jesus said “God is a Spirit”. John 3:6 “Flesh begets (gives birth to) flesh and spirit gives birth to spirit”. So if God is a Spirit, and He wanted to reproduce Himself, He would reproduce Spirit/s. Right?

According to the Nicene Creed – at one time, Jesus – the SON of God – did not exist. Only His Father God – a Spirit being!! Until, in fullness of time, Jesus was begotten/born as a new Spirit out from His Father. Literally a Father and a Son/offspring.

Gen 1: 26 – Let Us Make Man In Our Image = Jesus and His Father declaring that Jesus, as a Spirit, had matured to the point where He (Jesus) was about to embark upon parenthood and begin having His own offspring, with the help of His Father in full cooperation (as a Grandfather as we would call it). Jesus then proceeded, over eons of time, to give birth to His “family” – billions of Spirits that were each one gestated and gawked over and loved with all His might for unknown periods of time each.

ONE of those Spirits He gave birth to is the spirit that is burning inside your chest right now at 98.6 degrees. So that makes Jesus the Father of your spirit. You have been around for a very long time already and this life is a step in your maturing process – just as any parent would want for it’s children.

And then the story just gets more interesting from there – and further diverges from orthodoxy in the most radical ways – but I didn’t want to send a huge email… This subject is continued on this page:

The Meaning of Life in Three Bible Verses

This subject and I can relate to the non believer who is not convinced about “God”… I show them that the God character that they think they hate, has been misaligned in their eyes, ears and hearts. When they realize it comes down to “where did the spirit inside you – WHICH IS ALIVE AND MUST HAVE A PARENT – come from??? WHO is the parent of your spirit??? it can make them stop and think.

Christians are split. Some will resonate and purr like kittens, knowing in their hearts that they are hearing truth. The dogmatic ones get triggered to unknown levels.

This subject, due to its content, slams head long into a discussion of The Trinity. My solution to the Trinity question is the most simple and logical and understandable version of a story as you have ever heard!!! ALL of the MASS CONFUSION is automatically cleared up – it just vanishes.

This subject brings two major Christian doctrines in the cross-hairs of questioning and logic.

1. The Trinity theory.

2. Does God send people to burn and be tortured in hell, forever and ever, time without end…???

I say HELL NO!!!

Non Christians will be relieved to hear a common sense approach to what the concept of hell really is. Some Christians will love it. Some will be totally triggered!!!!

Another area of great controversy and difference between orthodox Christianity and my views is in the area of Bible Prophecy – specifically the rapture doctrine.

Most Christians are either pre-trib or mid-trib or post trib. I show them how they are all partially correct, and partially wrong. The way I have been given to understand is a split, two-stage rapture where He initially sneaks away a very small group of extraordinarily prepared Christians – only 144000 from the whole earth. This group is known as the Bride of Christ.

All the rest of the millions (even two billion) Christians suddenly realize that just getting born again was not enough to make the first cut. THEN 3.5 years later, after the pressure and heat of the Great Tribulation brings to maturity the balance of millions of Christians that He harvests from the earth. This equates to the Body of Christ.

You can read all about that here:

Other popular subjects:

What really happened to Adam for Eve to be brought out of him…?

Or another fav of mine, sure to send Christians into a blither:
Who was the “baby-daddy” of Jesus’ physical body…?
OR, where did the physical male seed come from that united with Mary’s egg to start the embryo in her that later housed the spirit of the Almighty and walked the earth as Jesus Christ..?​

Or another: Is it enough to be “saved”…? And what does that really mean…?

I’m a Flat Earther… I founded the Flat Earth Media Group – – in 2018

I love to talk about Hollow Earth and how our history has been completely rewritten, including Mudflood resets and calendar chicanery.

I was the Master of Ceremonies of the “Escaping the Matrix” conference in June 2019 in Las Vegas. This was the famous debate between Nathan Thompson and Matt West – West changed his globe-loving website the next week.

Ok, that should be more than enough to show how much of a kook I am… haha… But it could make for entertaining debating..

Thanks for your consideration..
Russell Dibird