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An amazing discovery has been made about the designs of old church cathedrals – they are giant MAGNETIC ENERGY GENERATORS.

A guy made a great video here, which is where I heard this.

It turns out that those giant spires are full of copper and other metals known to be the best conductors of electricity in the world. Not only are these cathedrals beautiful, but they are also FUNCTIONAL by generating massive amounts of electricity, 24 hours per day, regardless of the weather.

Cathedral spires often appear to be antennae array, because they are.

The video is absolutely PRICELESS for 2 reasons.

#1 He unveils a main function of these buildings, hidden by 100+ years of “dumbing us down” with regards to ELECTRICITY (Tesla info squashed).

#2 He QUESTIONS WHY!! What was all of this electricity designed to be used for. He asks “where are the batteries to charge and hold the electricity” being generated? He speaks as if the only use for electricity is night lighting.

In 2008, Micheal Alpough introduced me to an amazing healing modality, that had been used for many years in Europe, but was just now coming to America. It is called PEMF – Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields therapy.

You may recall the article I did a while back ago about Dr Oz featuring this electro magnetic healing technology on his show one day. On that show he called PEMF “The future of health care“. And further, he said that when you use this electro magnetic therapy “not only do you FEEL better, but YOU ARE BETTER“!! It heals from the inside out by giving your body more of the life giving magnetic resonance that it needs.

The fact that we are ENERGIZED (animated) by the earth’s electricity is what “they” have gone to great lengths to hide from us.. Ask anyone “where does the electricity in your body come from” and watch the blank stare.

Throughout the ages, humans have sought out “an extra dose of electricity” from the earth, in order to feel well. Each cell of our body has a battery built into it, which makes it run. When the battery is low, we feel low, so we naturally seek a boost.

Back to the question in the video. Where were the “batteries” to charge inside these church buildings?

I think they were sitting in the pews.

It appears to me that they designed these magnificent buildings to not only look beautiful, but also to HEAL the local townsfolk in their physical bodies, by giving them a generous dose of life giving electro magnetism.

Is this necessary for “modern man”? Yes and No.

Yes, we still need the increased dose of electricity – no doubt!!

No, they don’t make churches the way they used to…

Now, thanks to modern technology, we have a more convenient alternative to get that boost our cells always need, through a personal PEMF device.

I showed this video to my buddy Michael, along with my “theory”. I told him I was going to share this with you all, here. He agreed with me, and was thrilled!! He said he will give personal attention to anyone from the FE community. He then offered that if any of you are interested, mention me or this article, and he will give a $50 cash discount off any of the PEMF devices he carries. Check out his website at or give him a buzz at 1-442-444-0050.

Now you can bring old fashioned PHYSICAL church healing right into your own home.

Russell Dibird