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The buzz word today, the day after the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant, Is “Predictive Programming” due to a Comedy Central video clip from 2016 predicting the tragedy. But this begs the question “HOW DID THEY KNOW”?

In my mind, predictive programming is something that is revealed through media, etc, for the purpose of conditioning people’s minds to what the programmers PLAN TO DO to them. Preparing the way for change is the main purpose.  In my mind, the Kobe helicopter accident qualifies as programming being used as a HIGHER FORM of MAGIC, by magicians to bedazzle our minds and keep us in confusion, fear and a sense of inferiority or unworthiness.

With Kobe Bryant, there are only 3 ways they could have KNOWN (in 2016) that he would die in a helicopter crash:

1. If they murdered him by crashing his helicopter.

2 If this were a pre-planned celebrity death hoax.

3. Someone traveled ahead in time to see the event happen in the future, and then return to original time and write a story or script about it.

I believe that time will rule out the first 2 possibilities.

As I wrote on 3 previous occasions, Time Travel is not only possible, it appears to be 100% “as real as it gets” judging from some recent events…

As a background, I wrote about how the great inventor Nikkola Tesla was nearly obsessed with the subject of time travel. On a number of occassions he made it known that he had indeed made a machine that allowed him to ride an “electromagnetic wave” he called it, to move freely in time. He felt free to travel to the future or the past at his will.

After his death in 1943, the US Federal government seized all Tesla’s possessions. As the story goes, the feds didn’t know what to do with the strange inventions that Tesla had created, so they called in a local New York engineer by the name of John Trump to “help them” sort it all out.

Next thing we find undeniable evidence that the Trump family seems to be the subject of “time travel” in 2 major ways. First, my post “Have The Trump’s Learned How To Time Travel?” tells the bizarre story of a series of books published in the 1890’s that clearly are talking about the current Trump family – including their name and address at Trump Mansion/Tower in Manhattan, New York.  Quite creepy!!

Then we touched on the idea that the only viable explanation for the future-telling abilities, over decades of time of the infamous Illuminati Card Deck game – is that the author had traveled into the future and witnessed the events, then returned to the 1980’s and created the images and fulfilled prophecies that have intrigued researchers – for decades now…

Finally, back to the Trumps, and just “in your face” time travel – the ever popular 4 PART movie series “Back To The Future”.  This epic series – the first 3 episodes in 1980’s followed by Mary McFly’s famous departing words to Doc “you’ll find out in 30 years” finally in 2005 – not only included an undeniable Donald Trump character (Biff), then hides time travel in plain site, in two ways:  1. By making the theme of the movie “time travel” 2. Incorporating UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE of time travel in the very content of the film series – “Back To the Future Predicts 911” was so popular in 2016 it had to be addressed by every news org in US.  Super fascinating evidence to consider – more here.

So for the sake or argument, let’s say that “someone” time traveled ahead in time to at least read the headline “Kobe Bryant Dies In Helicopter Crash” and then returned to make the Comedy Central cartoon series Legends of Chamberlain Heights episode titled “End of Days”, originally aired on November 16, 2016. This episode has a clip clearly depicting Kobe Bryant dying in a helicopter crash.

Now the question is WHY?  Why would they take this tragedy and turn it into an in-your-face mind twister?  The controllers of this world are using it as a form of advanced MAGIC – casting a spell on the whole world (the story of Kobe’s goes far beyond the finite world of sports). 

What kind of Magic is this?  As a conscious human being, you have the magical ability to remember into your past with vivid memories.  Conversely we can train ourselves to not only “daydream” about our future, including the fact that there is a mountain of literature and evidence that you can indeed take steps today that will guarantee the outcome you desire.  That is regular human “magic” – or the magic of being human, which is contrasted to the animal kingdom that does not possess these abilities.

The controllers magic is different than our standard “human magic” of thinking about, and going into, the future or the past”.  They realize that in our minds, their FAR SUPERIOR time travel magic can be used to further HYPNOTIZE us into their form of warfare against us – Total Spectrum Dominance.  This helps them further strengthen the grip they have on the minds of most of the media consuming public.

They to want to keep us in fear, confusion and a feeling of “inferiority” to the “greater minds” among us.

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this subject.

Russell Dibird

27 Jan 2020