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You have probably heard of the “third eye”. You might have heard there is “something spiritual” about it.

First, it is referring to one of the 9 glands in the human body. This one is called the Pineal Gland, named for the way it is shaped, like a pine cone. THAT is why you always see Buddah depicted with a pine cone hat.

The western world, or modern christianity, all but ignore teaching us about our bodies. They leave us woefully ignorant of the higher functions available to us, ESPECIALLY when it comes to spiritual matters.

You have probably heard that the structure of your 2 eyeballs is called “rods and cones“, right? It describes the designed construction of how light enters, and is funneled and then refracted.

Here is the part “they” don’t want you to know:

YOUR PINEAL GLAND IS MADE OF RODS AND CONES, just like your regular eyes.

You may ask yourself WHAT KIND OF LIGHT are the rods and cones, IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR SKULL, designed to “enter, funnel and refract”????

Revelation 14 describes the 144,000 that will be “redeemed from the face of the earth” (the FIRSTFRUITS RAPTURE) as having “his Father’s name written on their foreheads” and “they follow the Lamb wherever he goes“.

In order to “follow” someone “wherever they go” you MUST have direct communication. It appears we have located the antennae that He uses to commune(icate) with us, His kids.

FLUORIDE ADDED TO YOUR WATER IS DESIGNED TO CALCIFY YOUR PINEAL GLAND, and cut off the voice of the Father of your spirit.

When I stopped eating meat, I felt my “intuition” getting very sharp and clear. I later found that eating meat “clogs” the pineal.

You can do a search for “how to clean my pineal gland”.

This is the final of a series of 3, talking about “eyes”.

This is a lead in to begin focusing on this amazing temple he designed for us to HOT ROD around in, and grow into the fullness of it’s parent. Hot Rod / car / body=body, engine=soul, fuel=spirit. The “track” we know is our flat and motionless, enclosed earth-home.

Hot Rod Pine Cone Fanboy

Russell Dibird