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“Occult” = secret; disclosed or communicated only to the initiated.

In 2012, Wired magazine ran an in-depth article about an amazing discovery of a secret society that no one had ever heard of. No one heard of them because they were so clever at hiding their initiation document in one of the most complex ciphers ever discovered. People had been trying to crack this code since it was found in 1918, locked in an old trunk in an attic.

This secret society was made up of eye surgeons, to keep their trade secrets, well, secret. At that time they were called “Oculists“. This was a very high ranking group, within the hierarchy of these organizations. Their documents contained extensive information of the highest nature, indicating the importance of this group.

An interesting tie-in of the word occult. It’s base – ocu – is from the verbiage of vision, seeing, or sight, or HIDING, or any shade in between.

Yesterday I opined that the “depth perception” function of the eye is the main trick used to make us believe we are on a globe. Ships “go over the horizon”, and the sun “sets”. With the discovery of this secret society, we see a glimpse into the depths of research and discovery these people engaged in, in order to “control” our lives in every way possible. And they do most of their trickery through our eyes.

Here is a great 16 minute video that gives an overview of the story about finally cracking the code, or read the original Wired article here.

I wondered, when I heard many years ago, WHY Google paid an amazing amount ($1.6 Billion) for a site I had not really heard of – youtube. I’m beginning to see why now, from more than just a dollars and cents perspective. What comes in through our eyes, is to a large degree, what we will become on the inside. Our eyes “program” our spirit, which controls our thoughts, which controls our actions.

That is why I NEVER watch scary movies. Once it gets inside, it’s a devil to get back out.

Happy to wear blinders sometimes.

Russell Dibird