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We’ve all heard that the Bible requires “2 or more witnesses” to certify a matter.

What’s it called when you multiply that by a dozen..?

The Bible contains 24 different references, in Old and New Testaments.


Here in this world, we are really driven by what we SEE. Hidden things, not so much. Something gets stolen from us and it often takes awhile to realize. Out of site, out of mind.

But more important, is what is hidden from us by our church leaders. If they say something is important, then it’s important. If they say it’s not important, it’s not. Move along, nothing here to see.

To keep us happy, “religious leaders” invite us to engage in VIGOROUS DEBATE – within certain perimeters, but not beyond. Outside what they say is OK to talk about is labeled HERESY!!

This is called HIDING BY OMISSION.

When it comes to the moon, up in the sky, we see a huge contrast through the month. Full moon is big and bright and widely celebrated, while the new moon is hidden, dark and a total non event.

But the Bible says over and over again, that His New Moon is to be celebrated and observed. Believe it or not, New Moon is “on par” with the Sabbath.

Ezekiel 46:1
”The gate of the inner court facing east is to be shut on the six working days, but on the Sabbath day and on the day of the New Moon it is to be opened.

Ezekiel 46:3
On the Sabbaths and New Moons the people of the land are to worship in the presence of the LORD.

I wanted to bring to your attention TODAY, Saturday, 5 January 2019 because IT IS BOTH!!! Today is the original Biblical Sabbath (Saturday) AND The New Moon Celebration. A day of DOUBLE BLESSING, for those who observe HIS TIMING – not ours.

NEW MOON SABBATH – January 5, 2019, Saturday, 05:29 PM

TODAY YOUR BANDWIDTH TO DAD IS DOUBLED!!! No extra charge, just show up and ask for it. He’s double listening-up today, to hear you call on Him. HE IS BORED, waiting for YOU to ask Him for help or advice. Today would be a great day to speak up. Dad’s listening RIGHT NOW!!!

If you have not heard of this concept of observing the Lords New Moon , you are invited to read a quick, yet comprehensive page I wrote on it click here regarding the benefits of observing, and honoring The Lord on this Day. In this article we go over all 24 Bible references to the New Moon.

Plus, I have posted the entire 2019 New Moon Schedule here.

Double Peace

Russ Dibird