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Do you claim to be a “Citizen of the United States”? If you do, then you have fallen into a word trap, carefully laid to entrap you.

In 1871, the US Congress passed an act that formed a corporation called USDC – United States District of Columbia. It claimed ownerSHIP of two things: 1. Ownership of the name “United States” (dropped America) 2. Ownership to the name “US Citizen”.

Your parents enrolled you into this corporation when applying for your Social Security Number, they ticked the box “US Citizen”. EVER SINCE THEN, the government always addresses you in CAPITAL letters. Capital is short for CAPITALIZATION – they turned you into an asset (for them to manage). This is the same in other countries, as you can watch here.

What’s the answer? How can we get free from this tyranny?

Become a citizen of YOUR STATE.

I’m a citizen of the state of Missouri, where I was born, even though I currently reside in California.

How do you renounce your false “US CitizenSHIP” (a corporation), and replace it with being a naturally born STATE citizen?

How do you shoot this thief that is currently robbing you blind..?

Search terms like “how to become a state citizen” or “kill my strawman” or “get on ‘do not arrest, do not detain’ list“.

I’m researching it now myself.

I think it sounds like a “second born again experience” – getting rid of the deception I was born into, and becoming a “free man on the land” in reality. It sounds like a very powerful step towards Dad, and His ways.

Freedom beckons

Russell Dibird