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Let’s talk about the bankers for a minute.

The earth is made up of only 2 things – LAND and WATER.

The Day you “manifested” outside of your birth mother, a doctor issued a “certificate of live birth”. Within a few days, that document was converted into a “Birth Certificate”. This new document contains, what appears to be, your name, but in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

Think about that one quick second. “All CAPS” means “Capitols” which means “Capitalization” which means ASSET. They TURNED YOUR NAME INTO AN ASSET (owned by them). This new document creates a corporation, with a name that looks like yours, and YOU BELIEVE it is your name. But it is not.

This is the most complicated, ingenious, and ULTIMATELY devious, plan ever created, to fool us. “BEYOND IMAGINATION” comes to mind. That is why WE called this trick LUCIFERIAN/BABYLONIAN MONEY MAGIK.

This “Birth Certificate”, moves you from the land, where you posses all of your “God given rights”, and moves you ONTO THE WATER, IN A SHIP. Ships are always deemed “female”. On a ship, you lose your rights, and you become subject to the Captain of the ship. You must follow his rules. You become his property.

This is what we are all duped into by the bankers – Rothschild family specifically. Their purpose? Simple. To OWN every blade of grass, every grain of sand, and every human being on the earth. They want you to be their chattel (property). This all leads to the Bibles’ prediction of “one world government, one world currency, one world religion”.

What is really stunning is how they work the language to trick us. I’m only going to touch on a few of the most glaring and obvious terms that we all use every single day. Remember, this is ALL about putting you “at sea” or “on a river“, ALWAYS in a SHIP (off the land).

First, you keep your money “in/on the bank” of the river – ON LAND.

They constantly ask you “what is your citizenSHIP“.

These days we deal with censorSHIP. In other words: GET BACK IN YOUR SHIP AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH. We don’t want you speaking “truth from the land”.

Your mothers’ “water broke” and you came down the birth “canal”. You were given a “berth”. She pays the hospital with “currency”. This is just the beginning. The list of words that have been bated into their system is HUGE. The scope of the deception we live under is dizzying. Look into it yourself. It is called “Admiralty Law” or “Maritime Law“. I was sent a great video on the “birth certificate” switcharoo, watch it HERE.

The man who has gathered as much information on this subject as anyone I know, is my friend and colleague, Mr Jamie Lee. I want ALL his videos (youbube: on FEVids, ’cause they are so full of great info!!! But for now, here is a very pertinent one: WATCH HERE: End Your Strawman

The Bible warns we will ALL be deceived, while simultaneously admonishing to be a “Watchman“.

Which are you..? Blissfully deceived, or watching and waiting for your Dad to return..?

Russell Dibird