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The new calendar brings thoughts of making plans,and setting goals.

As I look at the events calendar, I see 4 conferences on the schedule already, here at

We will be at each one, with cameras and microphones, interviewing speakers, as well as the attendees.

Further, for 2019, our intentions are:

Aim #1 – upgrade our technology, infrastructure, look and feel.  We have a “secret weapon” IT department that makes us better every day.

Aim#2 – increase our reach and influence.  One way will be to ramp up my next site High Noon Radio. It is noon time 24 times per day. We will recruit a host or group of hosts, from each time zone, to host their own local show – at High Noon every day. Any unfilled time slots on FERLive will be filled in with the current High Noon Radio show.

We plan to begin running ads on Facebook, Youtube and Google, promoting the various Flat Earth Media Group specialized sites.

Aim #3 – monetize this operation – through subscriptions, pay-per-view, affiliate offers, grants, donations, and selling our own products. So far, the expenses have been low, so I have financed the operation from personal cash.

Youtube is getting dramatically more aggressive in blocking FE content. The obvious next move is to provide an independent video platform on our site Video requires HUGE amounts of cash, due to the bandwidth requirements. We will need to generate a steady cash flow to pay for the video bandwidth. Still thinking about the best ways to go about this.

We are committed to cover all of the major Flat Earth Conferences. As we all know, travel time is very expensive. When we get there we need video cameras, microphones, etc.

Your ideas, and donations, are welcomed.

Our Paypal link is

Stay Tuned and Get Involved

Russell Dibird