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2018 was an amazing start to this movement that we now find ourselves involved with, The Flat Earth Media Group.

It first began in Nov 2017 when I registered FERLive. That was motivated by 1. My long suppressed radio talk show career 2. Learning that many of the current “leaders” in and of the flat earth community display open vitriol towards “God” and Jesus.

I recognized the moment had arrived, for which I had been preparing and watching for, for a long time. It took a little while for the magnitude of the flat-earth potential to finally sink in, but once it did, I proceeded to procure about a dozen more websites all related to The Flat Earth, which we now call The Flat Earth Media Group

The first person I would like to acknowledge, and deeply thank, is the incomparable Mr Ric Lotec. Ric took over Flat Earth Radio Live when it was basically just an idea. We were just getting the infrastructure snapped into place, when Ric showed up. Ric jumped right in and put his time, his skills, and just a whole heaping bucket full of effort, to get The Ferret up and running, and sounding better and better everyday.

I asked Ric why he was getting so deeply involved with the station, and he said simply, “I prayed about it“.

I said “thank you” to Dad. Now I’m saying “thank you” to Ric.

I would also like to thank and acknowledge the whole crew of talented and passionate FEers who have hooked up with this train. I first met Thunder Bear Courage at the San Diego FE meetup. Then he shared on FB the new radio opportunity, and Ric saw and responded by starting a radio show with long time FEer and author Mark Steven Hollander. Then Mark invited his old friend Shelley Lewis to do her own show. Most recently, veteran FEer and host of a popular YouTube channel, Wes Stace, has now joined our lineup of live radio hosts.

Every one of these people are AMAZING to listen to. Please check out the schedule at and join me listening daily.

The other site, of some note so far in FEMG, is our social media site Everyone in the Flat Earth community is grabbing their free profile and connecting with other, like minded folks.

Needless to say, everyone at Flat Earth Media Group is super excited about what lies ahead for us in 2019. We hope you stay tuned, or even better, become involved.  We would love to hear your voice in 2019.

Happy To Have Found My Home With Flat Earthers

Russell Dibird