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The Gregorian Calendar is a Luciferian Spell Cast On The World.

It was put in place by Pope Gregory in the 1500’s, for one purpose – TO HIDE GOD.

The ancient, original biblical calendar was designed around the 4th Commandment – keep The Lord’s Day Holy.  Basically, work 6 days, then a day for The Lord.  

It was lunar/solar calendar that monthly starts with the New Moon, then is adjusted/reckoned annually with the sun’s position.

In ancient times, every culture had it’s own calendar.  Then as an exercise of it’s power The Roman Calendar was enforced until Cesar made some adjustments and introduced the Julian Calendar which lasted until Pope Gregory gave us this current deception.

The hubris and outright DEFIANCE OF GOD in many Catholic writing is astounding.  Here is a quote for how they throw the 4th commandment under the bus, from this copy of “The Catholic Record”, September 1st, 1923

“There is no authority in the Bible for abrogating this Commandment, or for transferring its observance to another day of the week. For Catholics it is not the slightest difficulty. “All power is given Me in heaven and on earth; as the Father sent Me so I also send you,” said our Divine Lord in giving His tremendous commission to His Apostles. “He that hears you hears Me.” We have in the authoritative voice of the Church the voice of Christ Himself. The Church is above the Bible; and this transference of Sabbath observance from Saturday to Sunday is proof positive of that fact.

Shocking for Bible believers.  Read it, and more, yourself here:

Ok, there you have it.

They did it to prove to us all that THEY CONTROL US IN LUCIFER’S MIND CONTROL SYSTEM.

Now this beast is preparing to CRUSH US with this false authority.

I, like many Americans, was very excited when President Trump got us OUT of the Paris Climate Treaty.  It seed to me like the chem-trail spraying decreased immediately.

But according to a video I just watched, we are locked in for 3 years after deleting our account.  So we are still in it.

That means that their new Hegelian Dialectic lurking evil, that needs to be slain by our courageous leaders, on our behalf, is CLIMATE CHANGE!!!

Yes, the government is going to war, against you, under the disguise of saving the planet.

And it appears that this aggressor has now played its next card as to what that means for us, the defenders.

France has begun a routine of ENFORCED SUNDAYS OFF.  Everything completely shut down on Sundays.

Agenda 2030.  Hunger Games.

Georgia Guidestones #10: Be not a cancer on the earth – leave room for nature. 

Which translates to: 10: Humanity must recognize its second position in “creation”. Nature, embodied as a “god”, comes first. 

Now they are going start using their DEFIANCE of the 4th Commandment to ATTACK US.

Buckle up.  And stay prayed up.  Dad is happy to take each of us, his kids, by the hand and guide us every step of the way.  I actually envision Him holding me BY THE WRIST – then I can just let go.  I know that the father of my spirit loves me, and wants only the best for me.  And I know what He wants out of me – TO GROW UP!!!  STOP ACTING LIKE A BABY, in the ways that I do, and START doing what He is asking of me.

Watch the video here:

Russ Dibird