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When we want to bring up the subject of the Flat Earth truth to someone, we all have our “go to” points that we feel comfortable in bringing up to discuss.

Here are a few that I have found to be fairly effective in getting the listener to stop and think and say hmmm..

First off, I try not to confront, but rather start with something like “we all know the earth is a round, spinning ball, right..? BUT regular people, like us, are having a hard time finding the curve, that must be here, if it’s a ball”.

I continue, based on their reactions, with this basic premise:

We can’t find it anywhere, no matter where we look.

There are a number of places where we SHOULD see a curve, and WOULD see the earth curve – IF IT DID CURVE. But if the earth DOES NOT CURVE, then it must not be a round ball, but rather a round bowl, holding all the water at sea level.

Here are some of the places I think you should see the curve:

1 Chicago 60 miles across the lake. On round earth you would see from approximately the 3rd story of waterfront buildings, and above. On flat earth you can see “toes in the water, to toes in the water, 60 miles away”.  Which do you see..?

2 San Jacinto Mountain, over 100 miles across the flat plane from Malibu, seen with infrared photography. On round earth, ANY long distance view of mountain ranges, sometimes views for hundreds of miles, ARE SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE on a ball-shaped earth. The ONLY WAY this is even possible, is on a flat, level plane.

3 The Dogcam from 110,000 feet above earth. On a round earth, the horizon would “fall” away from your eyes. You would have to look down to see earth. On flat earth, however, the horizon would always rise to the level of your eye. Which do you see..?

OK, those are my goto’s..

What are yours..?

We’d love to hear your “go to” points, techniques and strategies to share this flat-earth good new that we have been gifted to glimpse.

Go to and share your thoughts on your profile. Then you can point other social media to that heartfelt spot, or drop them an email – your list would love to hear from you.

Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

Russell Dibird – The Flat Earth GoTo Man