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Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello!!!!

It really was my pleasure meeting many of you last week at the Flat Earth Convention in Denver.

And thanks for trusting me with your email address.  Never forget, there is always an opt out button at the bottom of every email I send you if you get sick of me, or my ramblings.

Meeting you this last week, I felt like I was looking into the eyes of my destiny, or maybe, my calling.. I dunno, but I sure felt “at home, with MY PEEPS!!

I feel like I’ve been preparing for this position within the Flat Earth community, since around 1995. That was the year I tried, and failed, to launch a local radio show in San Diego.

The purpose of that show was to share the amazing blessing I had been gifted by meeting a great man who introduced me to a “more logical” and “more loving” version of Jesus – which really resonated with me.

Wellllll.. Two main problems..

#1 Non-Christians don’t care, and don’t want to hear about Jesus

#2 The dogmatic minded Christians wanted to string me up, by the neck from the nearest tree, or a phone poll would have worked fine.  If you are not completely in favor of burning people, in constant torture for the rest of eternity, then you are a heretic!  Yup, that would be me.  Loving Dad’s don’t tend to do that to their errant children, at least not here on earth.

One of my fav sayings = Timing Is EVERYTHING!!

And my “timing” for that venture was OFF.

So fast forward to 2017 when I discovered, beyond any doubt whatsoever, that our Earth home is indeed flat.

The impact of comprehending that fact, by my little brain, cannot be underestimated.

What I realized was that there is a growing number of people who have accepted the idea that we live in a building. 

And then it hit me…

This Flat Earth community has OPEN ARMS to anyone who agrees with the general flat, plane premise, REGARDLESS of the details of what, or who, you think the BUILDER might, or might not, be – it’s OK!!!

Suddenly I found a group of people, of like mind to me in many ways, who don’t judge each other by what you think about the BUILDER.

In other words, we all get to have our own “flavor” or “version” of WHO the builder is, unified by agreement that we all live in a building (that He built).

That is where this new chapter in my life began, and the path that lead me to fully engage into this growing new flat earth family.

I started the radio station, (Flat Earth Radio Live – The FERRET) around a year ago. 

In this last year, I have been totally blessed with the most amazing people stepping forward to become Radio Show Hosts – extremely talented people who have decided to join me, and throw their hat in with this new, rapidly growing team of .

So then I turned my attention to the idea of creating a “home” or “safe gathering place” for my newfound family.

Was it my intuition (?), or my tireless study of history (?), that told me that someday, our  dear friends at FACEBERG and (j)YOUTUBE, will someday DELETE AND BAN all of our FE presence from their esteemed platforms..!!

So I got busy laying the foundations of a platform for us Flat Earthers to not only KEEP our message online, and our voices from being silenced, but also a place we can UNITE TO STRENGTHEN each other.

I was able to procure the following domains this year, after FERLive: – replaces youtube – replaces iTunes – replaces google images / FB – Flat Earth News Network – replaces FB – CREATE YOUR PROFILE NOW…. – publishing current authors and republish fe classics – Think tank – a place for us to strategize – our version of TED
FEMerch – merchandise of all kinds

We are brothers and sisters in this struggle. United we stand – divided we fall!!


After leaving the conference in Denver, I headed to Kansas City Missouri (SHOW ME) to visit my folks (where I grew up).  

Shout-out to my Pops – he turns 80 next month (yay).

So I’m writing this to you in the airplane flying back to San Diego, the following Tuesday.  

I’ve been a bit long winded here, but I thought best to start with a necessary overview.

I hope you will check in again tomorrow…

Signing off for now.


Russell Dibird – Founding Ferret