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Chapter 5
How To Be In That Number

Multitudes are asking “how can I be sure to be in that number?” With “that number” they refer to those who are to be taken out of this world when the voice of our Redeemer calls unto them.

It is not commonly understood that there are to be two groups snatched out from among the living on earth. They will be separated in time by 3 1/2 years The first group is biblically referred to as “the firstfruits unto God and the Lamb”. You may read about the special qualification in Rev. 14:4-5. Yet there is so much more than that required which so few have understood, principally because our clergy have not been taught to preach that way. Here we shall briefly survey that which the multitudes have never understood. Not only does this apply to that special number of whom the Bible speaks as “the bride of Christ”, but it also applies to that vastly greater multitude who shall be taken out 3 1/2 years later, “having come’ out of great tribulation and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.” (Rev 7: 9,14)

The one outstanding difference between the two groups is entirely that of the life they have lived (with reference to faithfulness). The first and highly favored group have lived the ‘virgin’ life ever since they came to know their Lord and Redeemer. This must be understood with reference to spiritual chastity. Like the virgin on earth who has found her true love, so has this group with unswerving devotions looked to their Lord, and to Him only. The things of this world, with its enchanting and illusory lights have never caused them to turn aside, but to the Lord have they remained true. From man’s perspective, their lives may not have been absolute perfection, yet in their hearts have they never been unfaithful to Christ their Lord.

Therefore, are they labeled, “virgins”.

In contrast to these, that far larger multitude who will go through the great tribulation (except for its last two weeks) have been careless throughout their Christian life, (that is since coming to know their Lord and Savior). Countless times have they been spiritually unfaithful : therefore, are their garments “unclean.” They lost that virgin estate which they entered into upon conversion. Because of that spiritual fornication with the things of this world (which are a part of Lucifer’s kingdom) must they pass through terrific tribulation in order to get their ‘robes washed in the blood of the Lamb.’

Now for that requirement (unto both groups) which is so little understood (although a few churches have preached it more or less fully): there are three distinctly separate and different steps on the path of the Cross.

The first is that of a mental recognition that Jesus of Nazareth was the incarnate Son of God who came to earth for man’s redemption. They have accepted the Christian ideas as their standard code of ethics. They believe that Christ came to set us a new standard of conduct: an example by which to live. These our Lord referred to as the thirty fold brought forth by the good seed sown by wayside. The same thirty-fold constitutes the bulk of today’s Christendom. They shall have no part in Christ’s heavenly kingdom. Their destiny, that is, of such as survive the great tribulation, shall be confined strictly to this earth, but outside the geographic confines of God’s kingdom (which will be established here on earth).

The second step on the path of the cross comes about through what Christ explained to Nicodemus, “You must be born again” (John 3:3-7). This placed the believer into the group of the sixty-fold, which the good seeds sown by the wayside brought forth. The thirty-fold group has purely an intellectual acceptance of Christ, but their thoughts have not been united with faith. Intellect links with the brain, while faith roots in the heart. There must be a mystic marriage between brain and heart: that is between will and faith. At the very moment that takes place, the person has been “born again” or, generated anew from above. No longer does that person accept Christ as merely an example by which to live, for his mind has been wedded to the heart, and, henceforth, he lives by faith. He no longer relies on reason to fix his course in life, but the word of God and His Redeemer becomes his absolute law. He no longer hopes within his mind to receive the mercies of God, but rather knows within his heart that he’s a part of God’s purchased possession, and shall forever be among the rejoicing children of Jesus Christ. Yet even these, regardless of how noble their life may have been, are destined to live here on earth and have no part in our Lord’s upper kingdom.

The basic digit of the sixty-fold is the numeral six, which is the number of man. Man is a creature of earth, and his kingdom is entirely here. Of these, said the Christ that it was an absolute requirement to be ‘born again’ in order to even “see the kingdom of God”. Unfortunately, the bulk of Christendom have been brainwashed into believing that they are “born again” when formally joining their church. Perhaps a formal affiliation with a church may lead to some spiritual step being taken later on, yet by itself has not the faintest connection with being ‘born again’ (being generated anew from above). Again they have been hoaxed into believing that in that eventual day when the Lord calls to His own, that they shall hear His voice and be taken out of this world. What a rude awakening is theirs to meet! Multitudinous churches do propagate specious teachings to lull their members, or communicants into spiritual slumber; some even averring that their priesthood will attend to the communicant’s visa to heaven! While the bulk of old established churches claim that their earthly organization and setup constitutes the church of Christ. What great delusion!

Our “church” word derives from the Greek ecclesia which means, “called out”. Manifestly, since it is the church of Christ, it is Christ who calls. Of necessity we must understand His words by the experiences of His people and the illustrations He has given. It was God who called His people out of Egypt, therefore, is that vast company spoken of as “His church in the wilderness”. Pharaoh, and his Egypt were types of Lucifer and this world. God called His chosen people to depart from Egypt to go into that land which He had promised their fathers. He wanted them to be separated from Egypt, and from the Gentile nations (which were entirely in the power of Lucifer). It is Christ who calls to His people: not some berobed priest or minister. Look carefully, and with a judicious eye upon the congregations of almost any church, and you will find that they are the very heart of this world and its ways. That by itself, is the inescapable proof that God has not called to separate them from the world, for they are its mainstream. Yet among them, here and there, is an extremely small number who have heard the voice of Christ calling them to separate from the world and its ways. Thereby, are they the “called out ones” and thus, constitute the “church” of Christ. They are to be found, more or less, in nearly all churches, while still not necessarily being formally joined to any organized church. Because of that sinister brain-washing, that nearly all church congregations have received, they are fully asleep in this night of spiritual darkness. That is why Christ lamented when His eyes scanned the vista of ages: indeed! when the Son of man returns shall He find the faith on earth”. (Yes, that article word is to be found in all the old Greek texts, preceding faith “the faith” but missing from most if not all versions extant today.) Whose word will you accept: that of Christ? Or that of cunning men with an axe to grind?

Now for a look at His one hundred-fold. Of this you can rest assured, that Christ our Lord will never pluck from earth to transplant into heaven blades and empty ears. Nothing but the full-grown fruit in its finest perfection will He accept. That becomes the one hundred-fold.

Manifestly, to reach the one hundred-fold, one must have passed through the thirty and the sixty-fold, or even as on earth, the blade and the ear must develop before the fruit fills that ear.

The simplest illustration of this has been given us through the experience of the one hundred and twenty in the “upper room”. Think not that it just so happened that they were in an upper room on that fateful day of Pentecost. All such experiences in life of Christ and His apostles, were preplanned by God to speak to generations unborn. The one hundred and twenty chosen by His Spirit were found together in an upper room on the day of Pentecost, in order to set them apart from those who ordinarily, “after the day was fully come” would either be out-side, or on a ground floor. Thus they symbolized that company which Christ takes out of this world to constitute His upper or heavenly kingdom. You will also observe their basic number to be twelve, which is the square root of the one hundred and forty four thousand to constitute His “first fruits”.

What was the special experience of those on that upper floor? They heard a noise as of a rushing wind, as cloven tongues of fire sat on each one of them. And then they commenced to “speak in tongues” unknown unto themselves, received an anointing by the Spirit of God as they were baptized by the fire of His Spirit. Thus and thereby, did they enter into the one hundred-fold estate

As we search the Old Testament, we find that priests and kings under the Mosaic Law, had to be anointed before they could enter upon their office. Therefore, it is a must that we also shall be anointed by the Spirit of Christ, for it is written that we shall reign with Him as kings and priests – Rev 5:l0.

By and large, Pentecostal churches of the day, teach this truth, but they place too much emphasis on speaking in tongues. Although that was the experience of the 120 in the upper room, yet there are plenty of instances later on where we are told of the Spirit baptism yet with no reference to speaking in tongues. If you will carefully consider the words of Peter as found in Acts 11:15, you will see by his word “as on us at the beginning” that there had been a period of time (many years) during which the experience of speaking in tongues hadn’t been common. Because it had not been the common experience, be took them back in thought to that day of Pentecost when they all spoke in foreign tongues.

Because certain churches place undue emphasis on the speaking in tongues, many set their heart on the sign, rather than on the gifts of His Spirit, which come as a result of the fiery Spirit baptism (anointing). Again because of the undue emphasis many are cajoled into “open your mouth and the Lord shall fill it”, which in countless instances has led to emotional excitement with its consequent gibberish. Thereby, have multitudes been deceived. It is not the ‘noises’ but the fruit of the Spirit we should seek.

In II Cor 12:1-11, the inspired apostle describes the gifts of the Spirit. By verse 10 you will observe that speaking in tongues is only one of the many possible spiritual gifts. The apostle has made no distinction between them unless we attribute the greater importance to the ones first mentioned. If that we do, then the speaking in tongues and the interpretation of tongues, become the last and the least.

Nevertheless, we should not lightly esteem any of the gifts of Spirit, but greatly rejoice there in. If the Spirit of God sees that a simple soul requires that assurance which is attached to the speaking in tongues, then blessed is that person. Yet if we have come under His fire and received one or more of the other gifts, we should not be glum merely because we have not spoken in a foreign language.

How is one to receive this anointing, constituting him one hundred-fold, and thus chosen for Christ’s upper kingdom?

With this I have dealt at length in my various writings back through the years: it is a vast subject. But here I shall set forth its main essentials as briefly as possible: If you have come to fully understand that Jesus achieved man’s redemption on the cross of Calvary then you have only to ask of God, in all sincerity, that you be given His gracious gift of life. At that moment the thirty-folder is ‘born again,’ entering into the sixty-fold group. Clearly did Peter give this assurance as found in Acts 2: 38, 39. And that “gift of the Holy Ghost” as per verse 38, is clearly defined by the apostle in Romans 6:28 (it is the only place in Scripture where we find it explained). It is “eternal life” rather than speaking in tongues, as many would delude you into believing.

Having been ‘born again,’ you are a candidate for the anointing by His Spirit. How can you receive it? I know of no trick, nor rite by which to ensure it. God is not looking for ceremonialism neither for a lot of noise in some man-built church but what He wants is you: all of you. When you have arrived at that stage that you have come into the spirit of the first commandment, that Christ has become the first and the last, and the foremost to you, even all unto you, then are you ready to lay yourself, your very all, at His feet: knowing that you, or your life, counts for nothing, except to such extent as Christ will infill it. As our Lord offered Himself to man, so must man offer himself unto Christ. When in truth and sincerity you have laid your entire self on the altar unto Christ, then may you rest in confidence that He will accept that offering. When He accepts that offering, that will he followed immediately by His Spirit-fire which lights upon, infills, and anoints you to reign with Him as a King or priest. It is as simple as that!

Howbeit, think not that you could say to Christ “here I am Lord, accept me for yourself” and that at once you will be baptized in His Spirit fire. He looks into the heart, He expects an absolute consecration: He wants all of you: not merely most of you. When that He sees, then have you been chosen to be among the blessed ones. Nevertheless, He may try your patience in order to see the proof that you are fully sincere and deserving of that anointing. Even though your patience be tried and the time seems long, let not your heart falter. Rest assured He will accept the sacrifice – before too late.

Although this anointing may he received without any connection with man-built churches nor appointed priests or ministers, yet if such can add to your right spirit or attitude, or to fire your spiritual ambition, then by all means avail yourself of such. Every step that is conducive to your increased faith should be taken without delay. Being baptized (immersed) in water is a rite which many good Christians have neglected. We know from scripture that it is not a must in order to receive the anointing, nevertheless, we have been commended thereto, by Christ Himself. Therefore, knowing this, if we still neglect, then is there something lacking in our faith and devotion to Christ our Lord. Although water immersion in the name of Jesus Christ will not guarantee you the experience, it will certainly add much to your faith – which is so essential to the fiery Spirit baptism.

If you know of some minister or evangelist, in whom you have great faith, and who teaches this truth of the anointing through the Spirit baptism, then it would he well for you to have him “lay hands on you” and pray that you be anointed by His Spirit. Because His ministers of today lack the power, it may he that you will not be anointed immediately by His Spirit, but if you will persist in waiting, watching, and praying, then you will certainly come through into the glory.

By Mikkel Dahl

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