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Chapter 4

Churches still standing had kept their doors open night and day. Multitudes had wailed and prayed. Thousands like Phil and Mary, for the first time in their lives. Unto such people, no argument was longer needed about the awesome reality of God and the faithfulness of our Saviors promises. Neither would any of them ever listen again to the sophisticated oratory of man – invented philosophies: they knew the stark reality of their awesome God, and would no longer tolerate the erudition of conceited man.

Although the populace still worked frantically, and guards vigilantly patrolled, the tide of demonism had subsided, sputtered, and faded out. Unceasingly, people prayed for peace. While the vigilant and able-bodied made it their business to prevent, if possible, further uprisings. They believed and hoped the local enemy had little left to fire. Their remaining possibility was mostly arson. It was against this that the guards stepped up their patrols, with orders to shoot to kill – even the suspects.

Midst the somber seconds, it was near supper-time, that a stranger’s voice came over the radio waves in a nation-wide hook-up.

“Friends, and fellow citizens, in the midst of grief and national calamity, even in the midst of world-wide calamity, carefully hear my words for my message is to the point, and for this very hour.

“I need not tell you of what has happened, nor shall I ask if you believe in God, and in the Savior of man. Unless you are an imbecile, or madman, you know the answers to this, as well as I. But I have the answer to other questions which multitudes of you know nothing about. It is with these very heart-rending soul-vexing questions that I wish to briefly deal, and give you clear-cut answers.

“You know that thousands out from our midst have vanished into thin air. No trace can be found of them, no word received. While you, say, all of you, have in lamenting voice asked yourselves, and of your friends: what of us? Are we beyond the pale of God’s mercy, are we to be but fuel for the fires of Hell? Is there not to be another chance for us – who were lulled to sleep by the specious sophistry of man, and made smug and blind by the sophisticated oratory of trained pulpiteers? Is the God of old no longer the God of this world? Has the Lord of compassion taken his own, and withdrawn forever?

“Children in bewilderment: hear my answers, and most of you shall live to know the truth thereof; and yet sing with joy in your souls..

“The world-rocking events we have witnessed during the last few days were forecast by our Lord over nineteen centuries ago. During the last two decades and more, His strange sayings and mooted words have been clearly explained by chosen servants in print; from the pulpits, and over the air. But you multiplied thousands have been brain-washed through indoctrination: you have been lulled into peaceful sleep, by masterful oratory from the pulpits.

“Now, that is a thing of the past: you all yearn to know what tomorrow shall bring. About three thousand years ago God forecast that H would visit the Gentiles and take out of them a people for his name. This has now come to pass, for it is out of Gentile Christendom that the missing ones are vanished. Except for an iota among the Christianized Jews, they are all still with us on earth.

“It is a bride who takes the name of her man, thus, these Gentiles whom He has taken out of the world to bear His name are to be in close association with Him, to bring forth a new order of things, even as a bride here on earth inaugurates a new life for her man. In fact, in the Revelation prophecies, the 144 thousand whom He has called out from earth, have been labeled ‘the bride of Christ.’

“When the crown Prince in a vast empire marries just before ascending the throne, you can rest assured that he wife have to pick more than one girl (whom he marries). He will not have her attending to menial duties: she must ever be at his beck and call for comfort, for confidence, for love, and for inspiration. She will need many maids, some for the kitchen, many for the palace, others for the laundry. Then what of the new King? The girl he chose to sit in rulership with him and to mother his future children is but one out of that vast multitude he will need. He must have gardeners and keepers of the estate. He must select a vast cabinet, and his private secretaries. His scores of ambassadors must travel to the far-flung lands of earth. Numerous subordinates must he have to attend to the business of dominion, executing his daily and multitudinous orders. They must all be qualified and trusted servants.

“What! do you suppose the very King of this universe is like unto some giddy-headed earthling who marries an entrancing girl, and forthwith forgets all about business? No indeed! There is nothing giddy-headed about our Lord and Savior, and now-returning King.

“Right now His marriage festivities are taking place. When they are over, and what they might label as his ‘honeymoon’, then thereafter, He will come to earth to set up his kingdom.”

Phil and Mary sat entranced even as thousands of others across the continent.

“Carefully hear my words from the morning of April the 8th, which was the morning of the tenth day since our last new moon, even from that turning when we all awakened to hear the dumfounding news that thousands had vanished, shall be an even six days until multitudes of us shall see and hear members of the 144,000 whom He has taken out of this world. That is, on the morning of the 16th of Nisan, our Lord shall send back to earth that anointed, blessed throng whom He chose to stand by His side, and to ‘mother’ a new creation. Like the Lord of old appeared to Mary in the morning on the sixteenth of Nisan, and to others throughout the day and at eventide unto His disciples, so similarly NOW, on that self-same day of the month, will He send back His “beloved” to speak and to comfort many, even to announce to multiplied thousands, yes, even to millions that they must diligently prepare themselves for, the Lord is CALLING them. Multiplied thousands must be maids-in-waiting on His ‘bride’, millions must stand at His beck and call to serve in His domain.

“Do you not recall how in the days of our Lord’s flesh, when He came to raise Lazarus from the dead, that Martha went to meet Him outside the city? Martha was the elder, and faithful: she typified the bride of Christ. After briefly communing with her, we are told that He sent her to call her sister Mary who sat still in the house. That name, Mary, means the grief-stricken. The Martha name connotes piety and sobriety. Do you not recall how Martha went swiftly to her sister, secretly calling her saying, “the Lord is calling for you?” Then did Mary swiftly arise and went to meet the Lord outside the city, in the selfsame place where Martha met Him.

“For decades has His chosen servant declared that every miracle and parable by the Lord were prophecies wrought in drama and cast in silhouette to show of things to come, to warn and alert the ‘early awakener’, and to comfort those who are in bereavement.

“This is now fulfilling: ‘Martha’ is already by her Lord ‘outside the city’, while weeping ‘Mary’ sits still in the house. (Of this perfect and prophetic silhouette you may read in 11th chapter of St. John’s gospel.)

“As the Lord sent Martha back to call her sister secretly, so will He send back His ‘beloved’ to call her maidens-in-waiting. Millions will be told to ‘prepare, PREPARE!’ for the Lord is coming to earth to set up the Kingdom. Prepare!’ she cries, ‘buy oil for your lamps – that you may see the way.

The Lord is pleading with millions, PREPARE!’

“Yet again carefully hear my word: you have seen days of terror, but worse are still to come! Perhaps no worse within our land, but the forces of Hell will feverishly prepare. Global conflict shall arise, titanic battle shall ensue, while the scepter of death rides triumphant. Days of world-wide testing for Christendom are in the near offing; days of blood shed, and stark horror, never before witnessed by the sons of man. Almost 3 1/2 years are still to inch away before we have seen the ultimate which Hell can throw. Through darkness and terror, through suffering and sorrow, through anguish and want, and horrors still to be invented by demon-inspired men, must the ‘Mary’ group await abiding her days? It will be the period of testing for those whom the Lord will soon be calling; in fact, He is calling all of you, but not all of you will hear. You were not faithful like those whom He has taken; you were never anointed by His spirit, as all must be who shall stand in His presence. Because you have been worldly, and not fully consecrated, has He left you behind to become purged by the fires of Hell which shall rage: a foretaste thereof, you have already had. As twelve hundred and sixty days crawl to a close, then will that vast multitude who have been anointed by His spirit, and who have proven themselves faithful throughout the tribulation, also hear His thundering voice as the Lord of heaven calls to the dead and the living: then shall graves open, and bodies arise; multitudes shall ascend to meet Him in the clouds as He sends His archangels with a loud voice and with the trump of God, calling to the chosen.

“Say not to yourselves ‘we missed the bus;’ no, it is not too late, our gracious Lord is still calling, He is of tender compassion and great patience. Three and a half years almost, you have to prepare: when they have expired, you shall have no excuse.

“Yet once more, hear my voice: the partitioning walls have been broken down between our churches.

Now all know that there “as been no specific church, nor group, which He has chosen all have been weighed and found grossly wanting, only differing in degree. Because of that partition being broken down, churches throughout the land – such as escaped the razing, have opened their doors to all and sundry, asking no questions, but inviting prayer. It still goes on. Hear, and remember this word: throughout seven full weeks, as commencing a few days back, when thousands were announced missing, must, and will incessant prayer arise to the throne of grace and glory. That united voice of prayer must not cease, and shall not cease. God has pulled His master stratagem to bring the church to her knees. When seven full weeks have passed, and the fiftieth day has dawned, then shall come the answer from on high, even the glorious voice of our Lord and Redeemer, who, through the power of His spirit, shall descend upon His church throughout the length and breadth of our land, even upon the far-flung outposts of Christendom. He shall come like a rushing, roaring wind, even like a tempestuous wind, to in fill His church throughout Christendom, even as He did in the days of old in the upper room where 120 were assembled. That was the 1st rain. The latter rain is soon to come. And it will come like an avalanche storm, with tenfold greater power and with a tenfold brighter fire. It shall be the second Pentecost, but this time unto entire Christendom throughout the world.

“May you be among those multitudes in the upper room on the day of Pentecost in early June. Blessed shall they be who there are found; power shall they receive, as never before witnessed by humankind.

“Hell has opened its mouth demon hordes have been let loose on earth. To counter this force of evil, our Lord will graciously endue a multitude of His servants with spirit fire and power, that they can match the enemy and out-do him.

“His blessed bride will soon be calling, secretly calling. May you be among the blessed ones to hear her voice, and to see the beauty of her face. Fifty days from the time of your calling will be the day of the ‘upper room’: may your blessed lot be found among them.

“In the meanwhile, may His gracious spirit inspire you for the day and strengthen you in His way.

“This, His happy servant is signing off with a bounteous blessing to one and all who have heard – deep into their hearts.”

By Mikkel Dahl

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