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I hope you will carefully study this website, trying to keep an open mind and heart to the Lord. My only desire is to let the truth that is contained in these pages bring joy and comfort to your heart, and challenge you to further study of these important subjects. I make no claim to have the final word on this or any other scriptural truth, but only want to be faithful to present the insights I have received unto the praise of the Lord. I am open to further light, which will amplify or modify what has been written. I would suggest that you read through the whole website first, to get a complete perspective; then review and study.

This is also a quote from the preface of one of my favorite books ever; “The 3 Comings of Jesus” .

My Disclaimer

I HAVE NOT “ARRIVED” at FULL; understanding, truth, spirituality, knowledge, enlightenment, fulfillment, oneness – or ANYTHING. I’m just a guy along the path who was handed a gift, the gift of ‘more truth’. I have partaken of that gift, and I enjoy the fruit of applying these truths to my life. Then, instead of keeping the gift “under my hat”, I have simply decided to share it with “him or her who has an ear to hear”.

Furthermore, I’m not attempting to get you to join my church, denomination, sect, institution, club, organization, fraternity, lodge, chamber, table, pow-wow, ism, or assembly (per se). God’s word is very clear about who we should be aspiring to join, and I can guarantee that it’s not who you think.

On this website you will see a biblical “worldview” presented that is:

A: Clearly, simply Biblical

B: Logical (to a 10 year old)

C: Follows the “Patterns” set down by God in His Word and creation.

D: Are in line with WHO WE KNOW God to be (i.e.: a loving Father who cares as much for His children AS YOU DO ABOUT YOURS, otherwise you have elevated yourself above God, thinking yourself a BETTER PARENT THAN HE…)

Russell Dibird

More of our policy statement / faith statement can be found here;